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Software Company Releases Fundamental Asset to Food Import Industry
VISCO to Release Updated Version of Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Kingston, NY– December 27, 2004– To meet the demand for a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning application for the food industry, Venture Information System (VIS) 2.0 will be released on January 7, 2005. This release represents an extensive, 12-month redesign project that was driven exclusively by VISCO’s primary vertical market: Food Importers.

“Food importers have found tremendous value in VIS because it was originally designed to handle perishable products,” says VP of Sales, Tim Peck. “ VIS is extremely flexible and allows small and medium importers to understand their business in the kind of detail that up until now has been almost impossible. For instance, it can be used to re-allocate goods that are in transit and enable users to match inventory or incoming shipments with specific sales orders. This allows for more aggressive sales strategies and better customer service; two areas that directly impact profits.”

VIS allows users quick and easy access to financial information that is simply not available in real-time from a traditional accounting application. Peck says, “The ability to accrue for anticipated costs like duty, freight charges, and unloading, in addition to factoring in the original cost of goods, allows importers to understand exactly what their profit margin is before they even complete the purchase. These are importer-specific functions that traditional accounting systems simply do not provide. Our approach to the development of the Venture Information System was from the sales, financial and logistic perspectives. Rather than beginning with a system for record-keeping and accounting; then trying to incorporate inventory tracking and financial analysis, we completely reversed the development process.”

VIS will play an even greater role as the importing industry continues to undergo significant changes in response to potential terrorist threats. Because VIS offers unit-level tracking, it provides real risk management capabilities to importers who may need to be able to rapidly identify the source of suspect goods. VIS also has the ability to store images and documents that may be used to help confirm container integrity at various trans-shipment points.

About Venture Information System
The Venture Information System Company (VISCO) is a rapidly growing software development firm located in New York’s Hudson Valley. VISCO’s flagship product, the Venture Information System (VIS) is an Enterprise Resource Planning application designed specifically for importers to improve business efficiencies in the areas of shipment tracking, inventory management, and associated logistics. VISCO is a Microsoft ã Certified Partner , and utilizes Microsoft’s .NET Framework®, the first entirely Web-based application architecture. VIS is also recognized by Intuit as a primary source for importers and distributors who use QuickBooks. VIS is currently used by importers in the US, Caribbean, and Europe.

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