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China sourcing company

China sourcing company

China sourcing company

China Sourcing Company

There are many sourcing agents in China, but not all of them will have the professionalism and experience needed to get the results you need repeatedly.

That’s where we come in. repeatedly and reliably. Having such a capable team is what we refer to as the China Sourcing Solution. But setting up an office and team in China is costly and time-consuming. And managing such a team effectively from a distance is challenging. That’s where CPG comes into play.

Who Are We?

We are the China Performance Group (CPG). We have been a full sourcing service provider and business advisor in China since 1978. As one of the best sourcing companies in China, we believe that it is essential that individuals/companies dealing directly with Chinese factories can get the best from these interactions.

We also understand that a professional, finely tuned sourcing office in China is required to achieve this. Hence our mission is to be a China sourcing company that you can count on.

 What You Get

The key to our success is our close interaction with our clients, which is why we act as an extension of our clients’ operations in China. And we can achieve this via our China Sourcing Solution™ program.

We make it a duty to understand your objectives and sourcing needs in China. So we can build a local team for you that is made of professional sourcing staff who work with proven management systems to develop sourcing procedures that make your China sourcing mission a success.

Better still, our systems are designed to optimize the interaction between the China team and the “home office.” We also ensure that the cooperation with our clients is disciplined,mission-driven, and preventive so that you can visualize, anticipate and preempt problems before they occur.

As a leading procurement service company, our execution is based on the rigorous implementation of proven methodologies with a focus on managing processes and delivering repeatable and predictable results.

We bring years of China sourcing experience to our management systems, using creative, proactive, and insightful methods to give you unparalleled access to the vast resources of China. We also offer a wide range of services such as product development, sourcing optimization, factory audits, product benchmarking, travel planning, and industry research.


Our ReputationBottom of Form


We are a global sourcing company with a reputation to beat. Here is what the numbers say about us:

  • 18% Expected savings on first costs from working with CPG
  • 43 years in business
  • 99% On-time delivery of shipments
  • 2400+ Network of CSR Compliant suppliers
  • 97% Client satisfaction
  • 100% of Orders inspected pre-shipment

Contact us for a Free Consultation 

Do you wish to know more about how to buy directly from China at the best possible prices? Or you already have a procurement service company but want access to much better deals. China Performance Group is here for you. We have been in the supply chain management space for more than forty years, and you can rest assured you’ll get nothing short of the best from us. When you work with us, we’ll give you a personal sourcing team and direct access to Chinese suppliers. What more could you want from a sourcing company? Book a call today to discuss our services or receive a free consultation. 



China Performance Group


China sourcing company

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China sourcing company
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