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Electrical Bidding Software

Electrical Bidding Software

Electrical Bidding Software

Electrical Bidding Software


Will the Best Bid work on Windows 10 and Mac OS?

All of our software is Windows-based. So no, the Best Bid will not work on Mac OS. However, there might be a way around that. We have several users who use Boot Camp or Parallels with the Windows operating system loaded on their Macs. They claim that it works well, so you might want to try it out.

What features does the Best Bid software offer?

As one of the leading software for electrical estimators and bids out there, the Best Bid software is loaded with features. These include “Master Control Panel,” prebuilt assemblies, unlimited database, the “Crew Designer” feature, “Netpricer,” “Audit Trail,” inbuilt On-Screen Takeoff, “Worksheet,” “Autosave,” Labor tracking, Alarm, and Chameleon Flex Database among others.

What are the benefits of getting the Best Bid software?

The Best Bid is one electrical estimating software that comes with tons of benefits. It is designed to take care of all your electrical estimating needs on any residential, commercial or industrial project. The Best Bid software is built for speed and accuracy. It requires fewer keystrokes which makes it easier for you to use. You only pay one fee for life, so you don't have to worry about technical support fees and extra license fees. We also offer an unlimited license, plus you get free technical support and lifetime updates. All you need to do is to order, download and estimate. Few electrical estimating apps give you so much.

Do you offer a discount on more than one license?

Yes. You are entitled to as many licenses as you need at no extra charge. One price covers everything you will ever need.

Does the software come with man-hours and prices?

Yes. The material is priced, and each item comes with an associated man-hour or time to install it.

How long will it take to receive my Best Bid Software after I have ordered it?

You can download your Best Bid software via a link given to you at the time of purchase. That way, you can start to estimate not long after you purchase the software.

Can I trade in my older software?

Yes, you can. We have the best buyout program going. This allows you to receive 100% total value when you trade up to the next level product.

Can I send my material out for pricing if I chose not to use the computer pricing that is loaded in the software?

Yes, you can. And it is pretty easy too. Here's how you do it. With tight competitive bids, you can create a material list and send it out for pricing. You just enter your material quote and select “overwrite computer pricing.” There is no need to change each item one at a time. 

If you're ready to enjoy all the amazing benefits of the leading electrical estimation software on today's market, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Bed Bid. Contact us now at 800-941-7028 or follow this link to download Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software free of charge.


Electrical Bidding Software

Electrical Bidding Software
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