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Global trading is a complex and dynamic industry that requires a comprehensive and efficient system to manage all aspects of the business. One of the most effective solutions for this purpose is Global Trading Software, such as Visco. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Visco's Global Trade ERP software, and how it can help small to mid-sized importers and global trading companies bring their business to the next level.

Visco is a fully integrated ERP software specifically designed for the importing and global trading industry. It offers a logical next step up from stand-alone QuickBooks and the series of Excel spreadsheets that many companies use to manage their business. Visco is designed to help companies maximize efficiency, minimize mistakes, and fast-track their success.

One of the key features of Visco is its integration with QuickBooks. If you are currently using QuickBooks for accounting and are happy with it, you can continue to use it while Visco automatically feeds QuickBooks all of your accounting information. This eliminates the need to manually enter data and reduces the risk of errors.

Another key feature of Visco is its automated container tracking. The status and shipping dates on containers are updated in real-time, and the system sends automated email notifications if shipments are delayed. This helps companies stay on top of their logistics, ensuring that goods arrive on time and reducing the risk of delays and other issues.

Visco also has a built-in landed costs calculation feature, which is a core part of the system. This feature helps companies accurately calculate the landed costs of each item on a shipment, which is crucial for managing costs and ensuring profitability.

In addition, Visco offers inventory forecasting and planning tools that help companies plan and forecast inventory needs. This is particularly important for companies that import goods from overseas, as it takes time for production and shipping.

Visco is a cloud-based software that can be run from anywhere, and it also has a mobile app that allows sales reps to look up inventory and order history from their phones. They can also place orders directly in the app, which is a convenient feature for companies that have a mobile sales team.

One of the major advantages of Visco is its ability to maximize efficiency. The software eliminates the need for Excel spreadsheets and company-wide shared docs, and it streamlines container updates and minimizes mistakes. This helps companies save time and reduce costs, which can have a significant impact on their bottom line.

Visco is an industry leader, with 22 years of experience innovating Global Trade ERP software. The company has received hundreds of five-star reviews, which is a testament to its effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Visco also offers fast and effortless implementation, with a dedicated implementation manager and unlimited technical support. Onsite training is also available, which helps companies ensure that they are getting the most out of the software.

In conclusion, Visco's Global Trade ERP software is an excellent solution for small to mid-sized importers and global trading companies. It offers a comprehensive and efficient system that helps companies maximize efficiency, minimize mistakes, and fast-track their success. With its integration with QuickBooks, automated container tracking, landed costs calculation, inventory forecasting and planning tools, and other features, Visco is an essential tool for any company in the global trading industry.

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