This document is generated by the system to assist in the ISF filing  and fulfilling the 10+2 requirements as defined by US Customs.  By pulling in information from the Vendor information, Purchase Order and Container details the ISF form can provide the Customs Broker with all the shipping details prior to the goods shipping.  Information contained in the ISF includes:


  • Manufacturer Name and Address
  • Seller Name and Address
  • Buyer Name and Address
  • Ship to Name and Address
  • Container Stuffing Location
  • AMS B/L
  • Master B/l
  • Container Number
  • Importer of Record Number
  • Consignee Number
  • Consolidator
  • Vessel/Voyage
  • Last Load Date
  • ETD
  • Country of Origin
  • Description of Goods
  • HTS Number(s)