Product Position

Inventory Visibility

  • Lack of Visibility on inventory in transit – You can’t get a good picture of your position on a product because you are using an ERP system designed for companies that receive their material days after it leaves the supplier’s warehouse.Solution>>> The Product Position Tool is a tool to allow sales people to see inventory availability over periods of time. This includes inventory on hand as well as open orders (sales and purchase), and inventory in transit.Benefit>> With real time visibility to inventory and forecasted inventory, the sales teams can make decisions and sell without with out the worry of selling “committed” inventory or worse yet, missing a sale because they thought the inventory was not available.
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The Venture Information System is a software developed with a focus on providing tools for salespeople and traders from import/export businesses to have access to information about product availability and position, as well as order status details. The Position Sheet tool allows sales to view inbound and outbound product position day by day, month by month and year by year.

This tool also allows the salesperson the ability to tell the system how he/she would like the product displayed. Using this tool, the salesperson can drill down into individual order details and shipment details (including Traffic Information).

Developed using the familiar Excel® Spreadsheet application; the Position Sheet can be viewed by your sales people from across the room, across the country or anywhere in the world.

The salesperson also has the ability to view ordering history for a product to see the cyclical nature of the sales for that particular product – at the product level or the customer level. This flexible tool is designed to allow the Sales Department to generate new business efficiently and effectively.