Uses industry standard technologies

We chose to use the Microsoft .Net technology to give our customers the following:

Easy to use interface
Access from anywhere via the Cloud using an Internet connection
Easy to Customize
Easy Integration with other applications

The system is developed under the Microsoft .Net Architecture® which is the latest in web-based development platforms. The system is designed with a sense of longevity in mind, so as the technology of our world continually evolves, the Microsoft .Net Architecture® is constantly adapting to those changes automatically. It is compatible with all programming languages.

This allows for the system to be more easily reworked and rewritten to fit the specifications of the customer. For this reason, Our Customization Plan is unparalleled in its pricing, efficiency and its rapid development. While utilizing this current technology to its fullest capabilities, this system is assured to last longer than any competitor thereby producing a greater level of value for every customer.

Microsoft .NET ®

VISCO Software for Importers was developed using the Microsoft .NET® technology. Cloud technology allows users to process back-office functions from anywhere in the world with nothing more than a web browser and an Internet connection. Traditionally, in a client server environment, remote access to back office applications was only possible with expensive private lines or slow dial-up services.

For companies with current systems in place, using .NET to develop V.I.S. makes integration with these systems much easier through the common language interfaces available from Microsoft. Your company’s current Accounting, CRM, and other division-specific applications will have the ability to merge with VISCO easily. .Net gives our customization specialists the ability to develop interfaces written in a language that both applications understand.

The presentation layer of this system was developed using a three-tier technology: ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET and SQL Server 2000 as the database.

Figure 2: Three-tier Application Architecture


Reports are generated using Crystal Reports

A world standard for high performance reporting, Crystal Reports is an intuitive reporting toolkit that helps you rapidly create flexible, feature-rich reports and tightly integrate them into web and windows applications.