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10 Simple Ways to Get More value out of VISCO

10 Simple Ways to Get More value out of VISCO

One of the things I wish we did more of is to let our customers know what other customers are doing to get value out of the system.  Below is a list of 10 recent projects that  could be implemented easily and inexpensively for anyone:


1-Create Competition between Sales Reps: Have a scheduled email sent directly from the system which goes to all Sales Reps every month showing how much each sales rep sold in the previous month and YTD

2-Drive Activity to Inactive Customers-From the home page have an “Alert” so everyone can see a list of “Inactive Customers” that show no invoices, sales or quotes in the last 6 months.  These customers can then be thrown back in the “Available” list for any sales rep to sell into

3-Get sales reps inventory information in their inbox-Set up a scheduled email report to go to all sales reps 8:00 AM every Monday that shows current inventory on all products

4-Add default text to subject and body of emails sent from the system-Any email that gets sent out of the system can have the subject and the body already filled in.  This can just be boilerplate standard text or can also pull information in from the database (like contact name, company info, referencing container number, etc)

5-Email to management anytime there is an inventory adjustment-keep management in the loop on all inventory adjustments automatically.

6-Let the system generate all Export Documents-For those exporting product, the system has a pretty good default set of export documents that can be easily implemented including: Certificate of Origin, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Analysis, Proforma Invoice.

7-Inventory Replenishment Report-An easy to understand inventory report that suggests which products to order more of based on qty available vs. projected sales.

8-Have system email you 7 days before a PO is due to ship-Allow the system to send you a reminder to follow up with the factory to confirm shipping dates 7 days prior to the Purchase Order ETD to make sure everything is on schedule

9-Have the system send email reminder 7 days before a container is received-The system can send an email reminder to logistics team to alert them that a container will be arriving and they should start arranging for inland freight.

10-Have an email sent to Management to show sales and profit by day-Email at 6:00 PM every night showing sales and costs for that day so you can see how much money is actually made every day

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