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VISCO recognizes that every business is different, and it is much more cost effective to modify your software to fit your business than modifying your business to fit your software. VISCO Software for Importers is entirely customizable. All customization is done by the Microsoft certified development team that developed the system. Below is an outline of the services we provide our customers.

Integration – One of the key design features of VISCO is the ability to integrate it with your current department-specific system already in place, including accounting or ABI. Enter the same data you enter now, but open up a new world of knowledge based on the effective use of that information. VISCO also comes with plug-and-play capabilities using Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains® Dynamics Accounting Software as well as Great Plains modules including CRM, etc. VISCO is also designed to integrate with an existing or new website so customers can get real-time information about the status of their orders, order history and various other information.

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Customization – VISCO Software for Importers offers the ability to customize all aspects of the system. We will leave a copy of the system on our servers so modifications and testing can be done at our office and then implemented during off hours so it doesn’t disrupt your company during normal working hours.

Training – Training is offered on-site and is typically given to one department at a time prior to installation. The first week after installation, the trainer will be available to visit your location to answer questions and help end-users get started. We base our reputation on the success of our implementations.

Installation – We will do installations on site generally working hand-in-hand with your system administrator.

Integrate with existing applications

VISCO Software for Importers uses the industry standard XML as the form of data transmition. This allows customers to integrate the VIS with existing internal and external applications including:

  • Bar Code System
  • Label Maker System
  • Web Site
  • Accounting Software
  • CRM
  • ABI
  • And many other applications

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Painless migration and data converstion

VISCO will convert as much or as little data from the existing system as the customer requires. This service is not offered as part of the base package, and is billed hourly. We strongly encourage at least converting:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Vendors

Although many customers also convert:

  • Purchase History
  • Sales History
  • Shipment History

If the migration is done at the end of the fiscal year, or quarter, it may also be of value to convert:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger

It is generally not worth the expense of converting old documents, although they can easily be attached as part of a new order, vendor, or customer.

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