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Automatic Container Tracking

Automatic Container Tracking

Automatic Container Tracking


VISCO now offers automatic container tracking so customers have visibility on where their containers are from the moment they leave the supplier to the moment they are delivered to the warehouse or to the customer.  The tracking service includes ocean, and rail, giving users real time updates on the status of the container, and changes in shipping dates.

Logistics Updates: By entering the container number in a container in VISCO, the user has the option to “Automate Tracking”, and allow the logistics tracking to be automated. There are multiple ways that the information form the shipping lines is used in VISCO. The first is general container information. These updates consist of Bill of Lading Number, Inland Origin, Origin Port, Inland Destination, Destination Port, and Booking Number.


Milestone Tracking: The second type of updates that are received are the actual timeline updates of the container’s progress. These updates consist of the event type, status details, whether the event has been completed, location of the event, mode of transport, transportation name:


Automatic Alerts: As logistics data and container events are updated, the system is watching these events and looking for potential issues that could cause problems in your supply chain.  When these events are identified, the system will send automatic email alerts to internal logistics users, or directly to customers to let them know that containers are shipping, arriving, will be late, etc.  An example of one of these email alerts is below:

Live Look: By clicking on the “Live Look” users can see in real time where that container is on a map


See the list of Supported Carriers List 

A list of the events that are tracked is below:

Gate in fullGate in at origin portGate in at destination port
Gate in emptyGate in empty returnGate out
Gate out from origin portGate out from destination portGate out empty
Gate out to consigneeLoadedLoaded on vessel
Loaded on vessel at origin portLoaded on vessel at transshipment portLoaded on feeder
Loaded on bargeLoaded on truckLoaded on rail
Vessel departedVessel departure from transshipment portFeeder departed
Barge departedTruck departedRail departed
Rail departed from inland originRail departed from origin portDischarged transshipment
Loaded transshipmentEstimated arrival at destinationVessel arrival
Vessel arrival at transshipment portVessel arrivedVessel berthed in port
Vessel arrived at origin portVessel arrived at destination portFeeder arrived
Barge arrivedTruck arrivedTruck pickup scheduled
Truck delivery scheduledRail arrivedDischarged from vessel
Discharged from vessel at transshipment portDischarged from bargeDischarged from feeder
Discharged from truckDischarged from railTransshipment delay
Carrier releaseCustoms releasePicked up by customer
Available for release / deliveryDeliveredStuffing
StrippingStripping emptyVGM received
Rail demurrage notice  

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