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Inability to track profitability at the transaction level :

Problem>>>Since you are using a standard accounting system, you are either getting a standard or average cost when you need to know the actual cost at the shipment level.

Solution>>> By using the VISCO all costs (actual and projected), are gathered at the transaction level, the matched against sales from that shipment, giving you profitability at the transaction level.

Manual Landed Costs Calculation:

Problem>>>You are duplicating your efforts, and leaving room for human error by entering shipment related costs in a system outside your ERP system.

Solution>>> Landed Costs and Latest Projected Costs are functions of the system. We address both actual and accrued costs and compare them with sales for a given shipment to give you true profitability analysis on every shipment.

Hoping inventory meets customer specifications:

Problem>>>You make sure your inventory meets specifications before you ship, but your system does not do the work for you.

Solution >>> The system handles both your purchase standard specifications as well as your customer’s specifications. This information is compared with actual product specifications obtained from the Certificate of Analysis.

Lack of Visibility on inventory in transit:

Problem>>>You can’t get a good picture of your position on a product because you are using an ERP system designed for companies that receive their material days after it leaves the supplier’s warehouse.

Solution>>> The Position Sheet is a tool to allow sales people to see inventory availability over periods of time. This includes inventory on hand as well as open orders (sales and purchase), and inventory in transit.

Sales people get outdated information:

Problem>>>You committed the same inventory to two different customers. Your sales force is getting paper reports with yesterday’s information because you are using a system that can only be accessed from the office, or using costly VPN’s and private lines.

Solution>>> This system is web-based, so all information can be accessed in “real-time” from anywhere in the world with nothing more than an Internet connection and a browser.

Manual Document Preparation:

Problem>>>Your people are spending valuable time preparing Bill of Lading, Delivery Orders, Packing Lists, all the documentation for US customs, your customs house broker and various other related documents.

Solution>>> With Microsoft office integration, we will automatically prepare all necessary documents for importing and distributing by pulling the data directly from the database.

Double data entry:

Problem>>>You are entering the same information into multiple databases because none of the systems talk with each other, but you need them all to operate.

Solution>>> By using a totally integrated ERP system, like VISCO , all data is shared between modules eliminating the need to re-enter the same information into separate databases.

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