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Currency Conversion

Currency conversion

Problem>>>Many companies using basic accounting software have to deal with messy reports incorrectly reporting sales and purchases in foreign currencies without reference to a specific exchange rate to bring the values back to the base currency.  Worse yet, managing all transactions in currencies besides the base currency outside of your ERP.

Solution>>> Because the VISCO is designed specifically for global trade, the users are able to define the currencies that they buy and sell in and this information is used throughout the system to do the conversions automatically.  In addition, we offer a daily exchange rate download form the Wall Street Journal so the rates are set automatically on all orders but also allow the user to override the rates manually.

Benefit>>> Reduce operating costs by eliminating wasted time on manual calculations.

View and Modify FX rate specific to a particular Order


Exchange Rate update log allows users to see a history of the rates as they were set for each day


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