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The Alert system is made up up two functions:

1-E-mail Alerts-when criteria are met, the system will automatically send e-mail Alerts to the appropriate users.  The email alerts will contain links back into the system so the user can address the problem.

Example: Low Margin Alert-When an invoice is generate at less then 5% margin, management receives an e-mail alerting them by showing customer, product, sales price and cost and a link back into the system to analyze the transaction befor eit goes out to the customer

Example: Late Shipment Alert: Daily alert sent to shipping manager to show any PO’s which have not yet shipped but are due to ship in the next 7 days or are late based on vendor ETD.  This is a list of PO’s that the shipping manager should be following up on with vendors to confirm shipping dates.

2-Home Page Alerts-when each user logs into the system, the home page will display a list of alerts specific to that user.  This is commonly used as a “To Do” list of things that user will be responsible to follow up on.

Example: Tasks Assigned-this will be a list of all tasks assigned to this user that are not yet completed.  This would be things like pricing requests, samples that need to be sent out.

Example: Order Changes-Commonly used by sales people, this will show a list of all that sales persons orders that have had changes in the last 3 days.

Example: Re-Order Alert-will appear when inventory levels dip below a safety stock or “re-order” point, so buyers can react by placing orders with suppliers to avoid a shortage situation.

There are countless other alerts available out of box, and custom alerts can be created as well.


Alerts are System Warnings to notify users of potential problems before they happen.

December 2005

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