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Why choose VISCO as your ERP software?
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The VISCO software helps small to mid-sized Importers and Global Trading companies bring their business to the next level.  Whether the company is currently struggling using QuickBooks and a series of Excel sheets, or suffering because every department is operating its own silo, VISCO can help because it is designed specifically for the industry.

Integrated with QuickBooks – If you are currently using QuickBooks for accounting and are happy with it from an accounting standpoint then that is great because you can continue to use QuickBooks for accounting. VISCO will automatically feed QuickBooks all of your accounting information.

Automated Container Tracking-The status and shipping dates on containers are updated in real time.  In addition, the system will send automated email notifications letting you know if the shipments are delayed.

Landed Costs Calculation– VISCO is designed specifically for importing and global trading companies. The calculating of landed costs for each item on a shipment is a core part of the system. 

Inventory Forecasting and Planning-Built with the understanding that it takes time for production and shipping from overseas, VISCO helps to plan and forecast inventory needs. 

Cloud Based-Web based software can be run from anywhere.

Mobile App-Sales Reps have the ability to look up inventory and order history from their phones.  They can also place orders directly in the app.

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