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Inventory Visibility

Inventory Visibility

VISCO offers inventory planning and management tools designed specifically for importers.  Due to the long lead times associated with buying goods from overseas, inventory planning is particularly challenging for these companies.

Inventory Forecast

Buyers, sales people and the logistics team will all benefit from sharing the same set of information.  The inventory forecast tool provides these users with visibility into what the availability of product will look like over the next 12 months.   Looking at the inbound picture, users can see open Purchase Orders, Inventory on the Water as well as inventory currently available in stock.  By comparing this with the shipping schedule associated with open sales contracts, users are able to see the outbound picture.  This allows the team to make informed decisions about what to buy now and how to plan for potential shortages/overages in the future.  Learn how One Company Built and Inventory Planning tool to Purchase Efficiently from Overseas

Inventory Planning

The inventory planning tool is designed to help make informed buying decisions based on current inventory plus what is coming in vs. projected sales based on sales history.  This tool also allows the users to build Purchase Orders intelligently by maximizing container space based on weight and volume (CBM).

Inventory Management

Inventory Management gives the logistics and inventory team the ability to see what inventory is available and then drill down into into individual lots to see the history on each lot and costs associated with each lot

Bin Management

For companies managing their own warehouses, the system offers a bin management tool that allows the administrator to assign bins with characteristics and then suggest bins when containers are received into the warehouse.  Warehouse managers can look up available bins and move goods between bins as well.  When goods are picked, the picker will see exactly which bin each lot is being pulled from to maximize efficiency.


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