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The Opportunities module is the most flexible module in the system and can be used for internal task tracking, communication with customers, samples tracking, price quote requests, quality problems as well as several other functions.  This module is also available both in the back office version as well as the mobile sales app.

The most common use for the opportunities module is for tracking new item opportunities or price requests.  When customers want pricing for a new item or items they would like developed, that information can be input manually or uploaded via spreadsheet using the data import tools.  The user will choose the customer (or prospective customer), the contact, and a due date for the Opportunity.  They can also assign the Opportunity to another user for follow up.


Next the user will input or upload via spreadsheet all the items that the customer is inquiring about:


The user can also upload and attach any images, spec sheets or drawings associated with the items:


Then the system will automatically create an RFQ document which can be emailed out to suppliers to request pricing:


When the RFQ’s are returned from the suppliers these can be uploaded or entered using the Supplier Offers function

The history of these Opportunities can now be seen in the Custom Record, Product Record and also using the Opportunity View.  This allows management to review what the open opportunities are what sales reps are converting the most opportunities into sales:


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