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What do the Container Back Order Options Mean?
  • Create back order for PO and Preallocated SO(s)-Use this if the vendor is short shipping but you stioll want the balance and the customer still wants the balance as well
  • Create Back Order and Reduce qty on pre-allocated SO-you would use this if you still wanted the balance of the PO shipped but you were going to bring the balance into stock
  • Create Back Order and break pre-allocation-You would use this if you still wanted the balance shipped form this factory, but you would fill the customers order with another PO.
  • Do Not Create back order for PO but create back order for pre-allocated SO-You would use this if you did not want the balance from this factory and you are planning to fill the customers order from another PO
  • Do not create back order and break preallocation-You would use this if the vendor was short shipping and the customer no longer wanted the goods because it does not satisfy their requirements.
  • Do not create back order for PO and reduce Qty for preallocated SO(s)-Use this if the vendor is shipping short and you want to close out the PO and the customer still wants the goods but also wants to close out their PO
Can you create your own reports?

Yes.  Although VISCO does not have its own report building tool, you can use Excel or other SQL Server compatible report writing software to access the data.  We also offer training on how to write your own reports using Excel.

Can we start with the cloud option and move the software to our own server later on?

Yes.  Since there is no long term commitment, some companies will choose to start using the cloud software and pay the license fees month to month but move the software to their own server later on and do the one time purchase of the license to avoid ongoing monthly license fee costs.

Can we modify our own document templates?

No, unfortunately, all document templates are managed by the VISCO technical team.  Please email document template change requests to

Are costs creatd automatically when containers are received?

The default setting is to not have these two events connected but instead allow the user to record the receiving of inventory and the entry of the supplier invoice separately.  However, many VISCO customers prefer to save the data entry work of entering the supplier bills so the option to have the bills generated automatically is also available.

How do I find a history of inventory adjustments?

If you want to see inventory adjustment history on a single venture, you would go to Inventory>Packing List and click into the “Inventory Adjustments” tab

To see history of all Inventory Adjustments you would go into Reports>Custom Reprots>Inventory Adjustment Log

Can the system Alert me when we are low on inventory

Yes.  At the product level you can set the “Re-Order Point” for that product.  This is the minimum amount of stock that you want to have on hand at all times.  If the inventory for that product drops below the re-order point then that product will appear on Re-Order Point Alert on the home page.  In addition, this can also trigger email alerts to go to specific users.

How do I create the new sales rep in Visco?

Tools>Master Table Maintenance>System Tables>Buyer/Traders and select Edit.  When you add new you can choose if the Trader is a buyer, a seller or both.  To make a trader inactive, just set “Active” to No.  This will keep the history but not allow new orders to be created for that Trader.

How to Enter A New Payment Term
  1. Go to Tools/Master Tables Maintenance/System Tables.
  2. Choose SO or PO Payment Terms
  3. Add your new payment term.
When I use the Product Position Report on a new PC, a message is displayed “No File”

This report requires an Excel template to be installed on your PC, to download this file, click on ‘Product Position’ from the home page.  You should be prompted to download the file.  You will probably need to create a new folder under the C: drive called “VISTemplates”, save the file in there. After the file is installed, you will not be prompted to install it again

Where are the reports in VISCO?

From the Home Page, Reports, Standard Reports (or Custom Reports)

How can I add/change the Unit Price on an issued SO?

Provided the SO Delivery has not been shipped, it is possible to add a Unit Price.

  1. SO Menu, (type in or select the SO # from the scan)
  2. SO Change
  3. Select the Line Number you need to change
  4. Select the ‘Price & Payment Terms’ Tab
  5. The 5th field is called ‘Price’.
  6. Type the price in here.
  7. This price will update all the shipment Unit Prices for this line.
  8. Update
  9. Done to exit the SO Change screen
I cannot view/print a Sales Order document from my pc

Please see the ‘Workstation Configuration’ document in the Online Help section

I usually copy a Sales order and then adjust the quantity to one and then change the value to “0”. When I select issue, a message says ‘no shipments exist for this order’

In VISCO, something different happens when you copy a sales order. In SO Assign at the bottom left (down by the assign button) there is a Future Order Checkbox. When you copy a sales order this box gets automatically checked -the system assumes you’re entering an order but not for right now. If this checkbox is checked, NO shipments/releases are automatically created. To avoid this, uncheck the box before you click Assign. If you have assigned and the box was checked, go to SO Preparation, the Lines Tab, click on the “Auto generate shipments” link and enter the ETD and ETA this will create the shipments/releases you need

I am receiving new sales prices from our salespeople for our customers, how can I enter the customer price for a specific product?

You are able to enter a default price for a specific product associated with a certain customer (this is in addition to the standard default price per product) When entering a Sales Order, the price listed for the customer would override the standard default price per product.

  1. From Home Page
  2. Sales and Purchases
  3. Customer
  4. Edit the customer in the scan
  5. Select the Product Tab
  6. Select add new product
  7. Select the product and enter the customer product price
  8. Update
  9. Save Changes
How do I setup Customer Payment Terms?

Take a look at your payment terms in VISCO and add/remove any as needed.

Go to Tools

  1. Master Tables Maintenance
  2. System Tables
  3. Payment Terms
  4. Add/remove payment terms as needed

Next, you need to add a default payment term to each customer. This will make your accounting system have the correct ‘due date’ on the sales invoices.

Go to Tools

  1. Master Tables, Customers, Edit a customer
  2. General Information Tab
  3. Select the payment term
Can I setup default payment terms for all customers and change them as needed for specific customers?

Yes you add the same payment terms to each customer – this will be the default payment term. When you do the SO and PO, the default payment terms can be changed on the PO ‘Price Tab’ and the SO ‘Price and Payment terms tab’

I am changing the ETD and ETA in Sales Order Preparation, I receive a message ‘This purchase order is part of Contract (#). All updates to line and shipment quantity and date information must be made through the Contract screens’ what does this mean?

This message appears because this SO is part of a contract (not a stand-alone SO) any changes to line, shipment quantity and date must be done through Contracts.

  1. Select Contracts
  2. contract preparation
  3. prepare

On the SO side edit as needed

How do I change the product on an issued sales order?
  1. SO Menu
  2. SO Change
  3. Select the SO from the list
  4. Select Change Balance of order
  5. Select the Lines Tab
  6. Select EDIT and you will be able to scan for the product

Save your changes

I am unable to update information due to a message ” (record name) is being updated by (person) and cannot be maintained” or I receive a message “(record name) is locked by (username)”

The ‘Locked by’ message can mean one of two things

  1. Another person is working on the same item – you will not be able to make changes until they have finished.
  2. The other person did not exit from the item correctly and the system thinks the item is still in use

Before unlocking another user, make sure they have saved whatever they are working on, or they will lose their changes

To Unlock the item:

  1. On VISCO toolbar
  2. Select Tools
  3. Unlock Users
  4. Unlock (user name)
How do I add a new user and stay within the same total number of users?
  • On VISCO toolbar,
  • Select Tools,
  • User Maintenance
  • Delete a user
  • Then add a new user
What does this message mean?

” Access Denied
Page to be displayed (VISCO business process name)
Restriction Name(VISCO Menu Option)
Main Menu “

This is a permissions error. The user does not have permission to this part of VISCO

Technical Requirements – Hardware & Software
Server   Requirement Minimum Recommended
Processor Dual Core 2GhZ Quad Core 2.13 Ghz +
Memory (RAM) 4gb 8-16gb
Primary Partition/Hard disk space 80gb 200gb
Secondary Partition/Hard disk space 80gb 100gb
Network Card 10/100 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbps
Operating System Windows 2012 Server Windows 2016 Server
IIS 7 8
.Net Framework 3.5 4
SQL Server 2008R2 Standard Edition 2016 Standard Edition
Browser Google Chrome Google Chrome
Microsoft Word and Excel 2010 2016+



  • VISCO recommends using Server class hard drives such as SAS.
  • VISCO runs optimally on 64 bit processor/OS.
  • VISCO runs optimally on 2012 Server.
  • SQL Management Tools and Integration Services will need to be installed and running.

Client Workstation Requirements:

Workstation   Requirement Minimum Recommended
Processor 2.0 Ghz 3 Ghz or higher
Memory (RAM) 1gb 1gb or higher
Network Card 10/100 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbps
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 Microsoft Windows 10
Browser Google Chrome Google Chrome
Microsoft Word and Excel 2010 2016 or newer
Display Resolution 1024×768 1024×768
In the Create Container page, lower part (Ventures), in the “Add to Container” column, there are the words Create and Add to Container. What is the function of ‘Create’?

The words depend on the status of the PO Shipment (Venture):

If the status is ‘PO Issued’ then theoretically adding that PO Shipment to the Container will MAKE it into a Venture (Create: Venture)


If the PO Shipment (Venture) is already an ‘At Source’ venture (which is the only other option because Containers can only have PO Issued Shipments or At Source Ventures added to them) then you are simply adding it to the container

I am unable to remove a Back to Back from an order, I receive a message “Cannot remove a Back to Back Assignment because Logistic information has been entered for Shipment (shipment #)”. What does this message mean?

Use Release Explorer to check the status of the Sales Order Shipment. Once a shipment has been allocated and released, the Back to Back cannot be removed. If you un-release and un-allocate the shipment, you will be able to successfully remove the back to back

I’m having trouble accessing the Delivery Order from Logistics, Outbound, Delivery Maintenance

You can regenerate the document as follows:

  1. Logistics Outbound
  2. Delivery Information
  3. Documents and Images tab, delete the document
  4. Links Tab, Click on the document name to regenerate it
In Container Maintenance, a PO shipment (venture) is not available, even though the PO shipment is issued. How can I find out why the PO shipment is not available?

Use Venture Explorer to see the status of the venture. If you are not sure what the status is, make sure you check the status checkboxes at the top. One possible reason why the venture is not available is that it the venture is closed (goods have been sold, invoiced), Venture Explorer will confirm this

How can I view a Delivery Order document?
  1. Logistics
  2. Delivery Maintenance
  3. Select the Delivery Order
How can I remove an incorrect accrued Exchange Rate cost from a venture? The currency exchange rates are incorrect and generating incorrect costs. This is showing up on my Gross Margin report

Change the currency on the Purchase Order if it is incorrect


Change the exchange rate on the Purchase Order line, if it is incorrect.

Then go to Tools, Recalc Accruals and LPC, and rerun it for the Purchase Order. This should correct the accrual

I would like to load a new manufacturer but no matter what ID I try to assign, this message is displayed ‘Manufacturer Custom Id (Manufacturer) is not a unique key’ what does this message mean?

‘Manufacturers Entry’ was not turned on, typically, vendors are used. The VISCO Support team has switched on Manufacturers – you will be able to add them now

How can I find out if an inbound shipment (venture) is late?

On the VIS Home Page there is an Alerts section:

  1. The ‘Late Shipments Alert’ displays a list of shipments that have missed the ETA.
  2. The shipment can be viewed or edited from the Late Shipment list (use the View or Edit link on the far left of each shipment)
When I add an Offer and select Update, this message is displayed ‘”Accounting key exceeds maximum length (40)” what does this mean?

Check the number of characters in the Accounting Key field. The maximum number of characters is 40, you need to make the accounting key less than or equal to 40 characters

Where I can ADD I either Products/Customers/& vendor in Offers/Inquiries and Quotes?

For adding new Products/Customers/Vendors: instead of clicking on ‘Add New’, you will need to click on ‘GO’

How do I add a new product?
  1. From Home Page, Sales and Purchases, Sales Elements section
  2. Select Products
  3. A list of existing products is displayed
  4. Select GO
  5. Enter the Product Id (it must be unique)
  6. Select Add Product Id
  7. Enter the product information

Select Update

How do I change an existing product?
  1. From Home Page, Sales and Purchases, Sales Elements section
  2. Select Product
  3. A list of existing products is displayed.
  4. From here you can:
  5. Manage Documents
  6. View
  7. Edit
  8. Delete
How can I change the Unit Price on an issued PO?

Provided the PO has NOT been shipped:

  1. PO Menu (select the PO #)
  2. PO Change
  3. Select the Line Number you need to change
  4. Select the price and Payment Terms Tab
  5. Enter the correct price in the Price field
  6. This will update all the shipment prices for the line
  7. Update
  8. Type a comment to explain the price was updated and why
  9. Done to exit
How do I add a new Vendor?
  1. From Home Page, Sales and Purchases, Purchase Elements section
  2. Select Vendors
  3. A list of existing vendors is displayed
  4. Select GO
  5. Enter the vendor Id (it must be unique)
  6. Select Add vendor Id
  7. Enter the vendor information
  8. Select Update
How do I make changes to vendor information?

From Home Page, Sales and Purchases, Purchase Elements section

  1. Select Vendor
  2. A list of existing vendors is displayed.
  3. From here you can:Manage Documents




How do I change the PO daily Exchange Rate?

The default exchange rates in your VIS are in the System Table called ‘Currency Codes’. At the start of the day, you should update the exchange rate so that all SO and POs have the current exchange rate.

  1. Tools (top left of home page)
  2. Master Tables maintenance
  3. System Tables
  4. Edit Currency codes
  5. Edit the currency as required and update

Note: the daily exchange rate does not change existing SOs or POs. The daily exchange rate will apply to any new SOs or POs

In Purchase Order Preparation, I receive a message ‘This purchase order is part of Contract (#). All updates to line and shipment quantity and date information must be made through the Contract screens’ what does this message mean?

This message appears because this PO is part of a contract (not a stand-alone PO) any changes to line, shipment quantity and date must be done through Contracts. Select Contracts, contract preparation, prepare, on the PO side edit as needed

How do I issue a quote?

Quotes are never issued, they expire.  So they are fine if the status is “Quote is not Issued”

On an invoice the billing information needs to be modified slightly, I need to change the billing address

To change the Billing Information on the Invoice…. in Invoice Maintenance, the first tab, Scroll all the way to the bottom. You have the sold to, ship to and bill to addresses that you can modify. These changes will reflect on the invoice document

I am trying to post the costs for a container but the accruals are wrong, they are all rounded for some reason

Take a look in the Tools, System Table, Currency. The currency table had both USD and CAD set to only allow up to 2 decimal places. On documents, that is fine, but this setting is for within VISCO, to know when the system should round. You need to go to the System Table, Currency and change the decimal places back to 4, then recalculate the accruals for the PO

It seems that VISCO is posting Credit Memos to our Accounts Receivable Account. It should go to the same account as Invoice. These Credit Memos are being issued as new Invoices under Finance/Invoicing. They are not Sales Returns.

You need to check the GL Accounts Receivable Account and Invoice Account codes in VISCO. Also make sure your integrated accounting system has the exact same GL codes as VISCO. In VISCO, go to Tools, Accounting Administration to check the codes

How can I see how much of a specific product I have in inventory?
  1. Inventory
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Select product (scan and select the product from the list)
  4. Proceed
  5. A list of inventory is displayed, including the warehouse
  6. Select ‘Packing List’ on the far left to view the packing list
  7. Select ‘Analysis’ to view Summary, Accruals, Costs etc
  8. Back to exit
How can I zero the value of old inventory in VISCO without actually writing it out of the system? I need to keep the piece count in the system, but at a zero value. This is needed for year end

Enter in a cost of $0 (Cost Type: material) for the full QTY of material associated with the Venture(s). If it won’t accept $0.00, enter in $.01 that will wipe out the accrual completely without affecting quantity if you are looking to write off inventory values

How do I make a package type the default? E.g. How do I make 25kg bags the default package type?
  1. Go to Tools
  2. System tables
  3. Package type
  4. Put a space in front of 25kg bag. The list is sorted alphabetically, so the entry with the space will be at top (default)
How do I add a warehouse?
  1. From Home Page, select Logistics
  2. Select Warehouses (Logistics Elements, on left of screen)
  3. Select Add New
  4. Enter the code (this can be the warehouse name)
  5. Proceed
  6. Enter the remaining warehouse information such as address and contact person(s)
  7. Update (foot of screen)
I had made physical inventory adjustments on items because the warehouse receipt did not match the original packing list. Now I cannot allocate these items, what happened to the adjusted inventory?

This inventory is flagged as Quantity Review Pending (QRP). QRP is a safety process which requires all quantity changes to be approved before the inventory can be allocated.

(You are able to see the ‘flag’ in inventory adjustments if you look up the products)

To approve the changes:

  1. Inventory Menu
  2. Quantity Review Pending
  3. Select the inventory
  4. Approve it

Note: QRP is optional so it may not apply to your VISCO.

How do I do a Warehouse Transfer? I received some items into the wrong warehouse

To start a warehouse transfer:

  1. Inventory Menu
  2. Start Warehouse transfer
  3. Select your venture
  4. Select the item on the left (radio button)
  5. Select the ‘to’ warehouse at top
  6. Proceed
  7. Then select the quantity you want to transfer (partial or full)
  8. The click ‘transfer’ on the left
  9. Then done

To end the transfer:

  1. Inventory Menu
  2. Receive a warehouse transfer
  3. Enter the date received
  4. Enter the warehouse receipt number
  5. Click on receive
  6. Then Receive

To verify the transfer was successful:

  1. Inventory
  2. Specific warehouse (radio button)
  3. Select the warehouse
  4. Proceed
  5. The contents of the warehouse is displayed
I credited an invoice because I thought the customer had refused the product. I now know that the customer took the product and needs to pay. How do I reinstate the invoice so the customer can pay?

You can’t actually ‘reinstate’ the invoice since it’s been credited already. There are two ways to invoice the customer depending on how you did the credit.

Assuming a ‘sales return’ was done to credit the initial invoice: You now add another shipment to the SO (to replace the ‘refused product’ that was returned) Then allocate the goods and re-invoice


Assuming you used the ‘Add New Invoice’ link and created a manual credit: You can use ‘Add New Invoice’ link again and create a debit Memo Invoice for the ‘refused’ product’ that was returned, to invoice the customer.


I am using VISCO web service, can I connect to VISCO from outside the office?

Yes, you can connect from anywhere if you have access to the internet. You will type in the URL address, and log in as you normally would from any machine with internet access.

I am using VISCO network service, can I connect to VISCO from outside the office?

Yes, you can connect from anywhere if you have access to the internet. There are two options:


  1. You can use remote connection software to login to your office server, you will then be able to login to VISCO
  2. If you chose to use your machine as a “web server” to allow external access to specific sites, your IT Company will need to open the appropriate firewalls for web application access and should also purchase and install an SSL certificate for the appropriate level of security for any web application. Your IT Company will need to point a specific URL to the application. This is a decision your IT Company and you will need to make as to whether or not its worth it.  Technically, our part is fairly minor and can be completed within a couple of hours after the SSL and URL are set on your server.
I am using VISCO network service, when I am working out of the office, the VISCO documents are blank

This is an internal security issue related to you accessing the documents externally. You need to contact your Network/Server Administrator.

What is a ‘Container Delivery Order’?

This is a delivery order for the onward transportation of goods from port of arrival to the warehouse or customer. By default, it is a ‘warehouse release’ document. The default document can be customized to your needs, contact for more information.

To generate a container delivery order:

  1. Logistics
  2. Container maintenance
  3. Scan for the container number, select it from the list
  4. Container Delivery Order
    • Select the Freight Carrier
    • Enter the Delivery order date
    • Select address option
    • Create DO
    • Generate document
  5. Close MS Word to close the delivery order (the document is automatically saved)
What is a ‘Container Instruction Sheet’?

This is given to your Broker when your goods clear customs. When the document is generated, a second document is also generated called a ‘Distribution List’ The distribution list is used as follows: In the event you have a contact name, number and email address added in the Custom Broker record, the information would appear in the Distribution List. This allows you to call or email the Instuction Sheet without having to lookup the contact’s information. This sheet can be closed and changes do not need to be saved. The default container instruction sheet can be customized to your needs, contact for more information

I have some Deliveries without Releases, can they be deleted?

Any Delivery without a Release has no purpose and can be deleted. (In VISCO, a ‘Delivery’ is a delivery to a customer and a ‘Release’ is a Sales Order shipment, part of a Delivery)

I received inbound shipments. I want to add them to an Outbound (customer) Delivery but I cannot see them in Create Delivery

Check whether the incoming shipments are Allocated, once they are Allocated and Released To Logistics, they will show up in Delivery

I have one Purchase Order, can the shipments be added to different Containers?

Yes – During the Create Container process, individual PO shipments are selected from a list and added to the container, if shipments from the same PO have different ETD/ETA they may be added to a different Container

What does this message mean “Exchange Rate required for USD”? I received the message when I put a container in transit.

Check the exchange rate for the PO shipment, if the exchange rate is 0, update it to show the correct exchange rate. Then you will be able to put the container in transit

What does this message mean “”No venture(s) found for matching to sales order shipment”? I received this message when I was in Logistics, Final Match, selecting an Open Sales Order to match against a PO shipment (venture)

Use Venture Explorer to check the status of the PO shipment. The inbound PO shipment (venture) must be either at source, in transit or received into a warehouse in order to be Final Matched against an open sales order

How are GL accounts setup in VISCO?

In VISCO, GL accounts are setup in Tools, Accounting Administration, Cost Type Code Maintenance and Invoice Miscellaneous Charge Type Maintenance. GL account names in VISCO and the integrated accounting system must match exactly in order for costs to be posted correctly

Which GL account do memo invoices post?

Memo invoices, whether they are credit, debit or sales returns will post to the default account specified in the GL, unless there is a miscellaneous charge added, and then that charge amount will go to the specified account

What is a sales invoice?

A sales invoice is automatically generated when product is delivered to a customer. In VISCO, selecting ‘ship and invoice’ on the Delivery will generate a sales invoice for that customer based on the sale order releases (shipments) on the delivery

What is a Memo Invoice?

This is an invoice that is not a sales invoice. A memo invoice can be used to issue a credit, a debit, make a correction or for a sales return

How does VISCO handle returns to the vendor for damaged/warranty product?

Sales Returns in VISCO are done through the “Finance” menu under the A/R section. When a portion of a shipment (or the entire shipment) is returned it is sent directly back to the warehouse it came from and inventory qty and valuation reflects that change. Meanwhile, a credit memo is created automatically and will appear amongst the list of Invoices in the Invoice section of the system.

Purchase Returns (shipping goods back to the original vendor) can be done and this removes the estimated costs, however you cannot return goods that have any outstanding actual costs in the system

We entered a voucher with the wrong vendor. It was posted to our accounting system. I need to cancel that voucher and re-enter to the right vendor. What to do?

In VISCO, create a negative voucher (against the mistaken vendor), apply it to the container, post it into your accounting system and both systems will show 0 cost for the (mistaken) vendor. Then enter the actual invoice again with the correct vendor in VISCO and post to your accounting system

I need to enter some vouchers for the previous month can I change the system date back to last month and cause no harm? Then can I change it back to this month?

Yes, you can change the allowed dates to the previous month and that will of course affect that month’s balance. Make sure anyone who is doing In Transits, Warehouse Receipts or Invoices know that you are doing this and should either

  1. Not do those things to be safe (or)
  2. Be extra careful to enter in the right dates for invoices etc.

Basically you need to be careful no one affects the previous month’s data while the vouchers are added. After the vouchers are added, you can change the dates back to this month.

When I try to post a batch, I get an error “Error posting venture cost batch: Could not add bill to QB. There is an invalid reference to QB account “

This is caused when there is a cost type setup in VISCO that is not in QB so one or more of the vouchers in the batch did not post to QB. You need to setup the cost type in QB and post the voucher(s) again. Check which vouchers posted to QB before posting the batch again, otherwise you may have duplicate entries in QB

On an Invoice, the unit of measure is incorrect, is there a way to change it?

You have 2 options depending on whether the invoice is pending or posted.

  • If posted, you need to do a Sales Return. Then change the unit of measure in the Sales Order and repeat the delivery/invoice process
  • If Pending, use the Cancel invoice function, and it will put the goods back to released to logistics in the delivery and allow you to step backwards to make the unit of measure changes on the Sales Order, then repeat the delivery/invoice process
I’m having problems to showing the ‘Bill To’ address information on the Invoice

In Invoice maintenance – scroll all the way to the bottom on the header information tab. There is the sold to address, ship to address and under the sold to is the ‘bill to’ address. This is the address you need to edit

What does the message when posting an invoice “vendor not found” mean?

The integration with your accounting system is not working make sure the accounting system is running and a user is logged in. (The first thing the integration tries to do is connect to vendors)

What does the Error when posting “Error Posting Venture Cost Batch :Exception from HRESULT: … at..” mean?

The integration with your accounting system is not working make sure the accounting system is running and a user is logged in

On an SO, I need to invoice only the first three lines, how do I do this?

In Inventory Allocation, for the first 3 lines the Action Column is ‘Release to Logistics’. If you select Proceed, the three lines will be released you can add them to a delivery and ship/invoice

The other line has ‘none available’ (meaning there is no inventory available) so for this line, the Action Column displays ‘Do Not Process’. If you select ‘Proceed’ this line will remain unallocated and you will be able to release it when the product is available at a future date

In Invoice Maintenance When creating a deposit invoice I get this message “Invoice amount does not equal venture material amount. Invoice total does not equal venture details”. What does it mean?

The message means, for the Invoice Misc. Charge type you have selected, you must enter the same amount in the Venture Details Tab. However, If you do not have an associated Venture or PO yet (because this is a deposit invoice), it would make sense that you can not do this. If this is the case, go to the System tables – Invoice Miscellaneous Charge types and select ‘edit’ for this charge (the charge for the deposit)

There is a column that says ‘non venture misc charge’ and the current setting is No. Change this to Yes. Update the charge type. Then go back into your invoice, remove the charge and add it again, it will not give you that error message.

I accidentally put 2009 instead of 2010 for this invoice date, can I change it? The invoice has been posted

After it has been posted, there is no way in VISCO to change it. As a courtesy, the VISCO support team can change it in the DB. You will need to change it manually in your accounting system. In the VISCO System Tables, there is an option called Accounting Allowed dates. We recommend you modify the date to only allow for 2010

Entering costs in VISCO before goods are in transit. I need to post a cost against a venture that is not yet in-transit. We received the bill and must pay it. But the goods won’t ship for another few weeks. Does a venture have to be in transit in order to post a cost to it?

Yes a venture must be in transit or a least have that status in VISCO. Here is how it is done – create a container and in the container name include the PO number and a note of ‘not in-transit’. When you know the container is in-transit, you can modify the container number and details or remove the item from the container and place it in the correct one.

How can I make changes to an invoice that has already been posted to QB?

You have 2 options:

  1. Do a Sales Return which will create a credit memo then you can re-invoice (and make your changes).
  2. In the invoice menu, select Add New Invoice – this will allow you to create a credit/debit memo to account for the change
I get an error when I try to add a new customer, vendor or product “System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. —> etc…”

This is the standard error when the accounting system is not open on the server. Please verify it is running and the user is logged in.

I receive an error when trying to post a batch ” …indicates further ‘Vendor Accounting Key **** is not valid’; ” One for each invoice in the batch

Your Cost types do not have a GL Account associated with them. To enter the cost types, go to Tools, Accounting Administration. When there is not a proper GL account attached to a cost type, changing the cost type table will help for future entries. However bills already entered must either be deleted then added back by the user or the VISCO Support team can go ‘behind the scenes” and update current entries with the correct GL account information.

Is there a way to have multiple invoices on one delivery order? I am going to ship the total quantity at one time then stagger the invoices

You can have multiple releases/shipments in one delivery. They would be on separate invoices if the customer or ship to address is different. If the shipments are for the same customer or ship to address, then putting them on the same delivery would not work. You will need to have them in separate deliveries.

What is Accounting Administration?

This Tool manages the integration between VISCO and your Accounting Information System (AIS)

How do I access Accounting Administration?

Form VISCO Home Page, Tools, Accounting Administration

What can I do in Accounting Administration?

A description of each function follows:

 Accounting Interface Settings

When the accounting integration is setup, this is where the interface (connection) between VISCO and your AIS is defined including how the AR, AP and Account Reconciliation will be posted from VISCO to the AIS

Inventory Account Reconciliation – Template Updates

This defines how the account reconciliation process is setup. This process automates the month close procedures as follows; it reverses the previous months post to the AIS (to start at $0.00 for the current month), recalculates the current values in VISCO and then posts them to the AIS. It is very customizable and can reconcile any account, not only inventory. It can also be used for reporting purposes if the post process is turned off

Inventory Account Reconciliation

This is where the account reconciliation is posted from VISCO to the AIS.


Inventory Reconciliation History

This shows the history of posting the inventory account reconciliation

Allowed Dates

The Accounting Allowed Dates are entered here. These dates restrict posting costs/invoices (or making any transaction in VISCO that would affect P&L or Balance Sheet in AIS) in VISCO to a specific date range e.g. the current financial year

Cost Type Code Maintenance

The Cost Type Code is used to record expenses. When the accounting integration is setup, your cost type codes are added here. The cost type code’s General Ledger value in VISCO should exactly match the Account Number/Name in your AIS so that amounts are posted correctly from VISCO to your AIS

Invoice Miscellaneous Charge Type Maintenance

A Miscellaneous charge is a charge that is that is added to an invoice e.g. additional freight charges. When the accounting integration is setup, your miscellaneous charges are added here. The General Ledger value in VISCO should exactly match the Account Number/Name in your AIS so that amounts are posted correctly from VISCO to your AIS

Test Accounting Integration

Selecting this link will test the accounting integration, a message will state whether the integration is working or not. When using a network  server (not web server) the most common reason for the integration not working is that the AIS is not running on the server and a user is not logged into the AIS – if the integration is down, this is the first thing to check

How do I edit the line on the sales order in a contract? I want to change something

Select the little red pencil to the right of ‘Sales Info’. It will open the line so you can make changes

On a contract, if I change the sales order side does it automatically change the purchase order side and vice versa?

No, the Sales Order and Purchase Order part of a contract and must be changed individually

In Purchase Order Preparation, on the Lines Tab, what does this message mean? “This purchase order is part of Contract (#). All updates to line and shipment quantity and date information must be made through the Contract screens”

This message appears because this PO is part of a contract (not a stand alone PO) any changes to line, shipment quantity and date must be done through Contracts:

  1. Select Contracts
  2. Contract Preparation
  3. Prepare

Edit the PO side as needed

(The same applies to Sales Order Preparation)

How do I see a product description on a contract? I want to see the product description on the PO

In Contract

  1. Lines Tab
  2. Purchase Side, click on the red pencil
  3. Lines Tab
  4. General Info Tab, the ‘Vendor’s Product’ Name is the product description on the PO
If I change something on the SO side of a Contract, will the SO document automatically show the changes?

Yes, when editing the SO side of a Contract, clicking Done will update the SO document. The same applies to the PO side of a contract

What does this message mean? (I was saving changes to a Contract) ” The process cannot access the file ‘C:VISDocumentsAndImagesSales Orders03011SalesOrder.xls’ because it is being used by another process “

This message means the MS Excel document associated with the contract was open on the desktop while you were trying to make a change. If the document is open, changes cannot be saved, the solution is to close the MS Excel document

When viewing a report in PDF format my screen keeps flashing, how can I fix this?

This is because the PC needs a 3rd party application called PDF995 installed – the system uses this to convert MS Excel and MS Word files to PDF. Go to and install three applications: PDF995 printer driver, Free converter and PDFEdit995, allow them to download to the default location (note, if there are any 64 bit machines than the files will need to be moved to the program files folder)

Whilst in VISCO, I see a white screen that will not go away, how can I fix this?

In Google, disable the Google ChromeFrame and Google Side Bar

How can I raise a credit note?

If it is inventory based, do a Sales Return for the goods, and the credit memo is created automatically.

When creating a new invoice using the “Add a Memo Invoice” link from the invoice menu, there are two options, customer and shipment

  • Customer will allow you to create a Credit/debit memo but will only pull the customer sold to address, no other information
  • Shipment – if you enter the release/sales order number related to the credit memo, the customer ship to and product description come into the invoice. This gives the memo a little more information and looks more complete
  • The Shipment scan sometimes will not have the Sales Order you need. Ignore this, you can type it into the fields and proceed. No need to use the scan

Other than that, you use Invoice Maintenance like you normally would

How can I add a miscellaneous charge e.g. freight to an invoice?

The miscellaneous charge is added to a existing invoice:

  1. Finances
  2. Invoicing
  3. Invoice Maintenance (select the invoice)
  4. On the Invoice Misc. Charges Tab: Select Add Miscellaneous charge.
  5. Select the Misc Charge type, enter a description and enter the miscellaneous charge amount (e.g. 100)
  6. Select the Venture Details Tab
  7. Enter the miscellaneous charge amount (e.g. 100) in the ‘Miscellaneous Amounts’ column

    The miscellaneous charge can be added as a single amount to ONE venture or added to multiple ventures – use the ‘Distribute By’ list and ‘recalculate’

  8. View Document and Save your changes
How can I add a new miscellaneous charge type?

The miscellaneous charge types are added in the System Tables:

  1. Tools (top left of VIS Menu Bar)
  2. Master Tables Maintenance
  3. System Tables
  4. Edit the ‘Invoice Miscellaneous Charge Type’
  5. Add Miscellaneous Charge
  6. Enter the Charge Type and select Update
  7. Select Done to save your changes
I need to send three invoices in the same email to a customer how do I do this? I have a network installation (not webservice)

On the server, go to the folder …/visdocumentsandimages/deliveries. The ‘Deliveries’ folder contains the Sales Invoice documents. You can attach them to your email message in the usual way

I need to void an Invoice which is posted. It is a memo invoice whose cost was entered against a venture. The invoice is for testing fees, so there really aren’t goods to return to the warehouse, how do I void the invoice?

Take a look at the invoice and see how you entered it, do it the exact same way with a negative amount. If you look at the original invoice at the top you will see one of two things Memo invoice (customer) or (shipment). If it is (customer) note the misc charge used, the amount and the customer. Then go to Add New Invoice, select that customer and proceed.  If it is (shipment) note the misc charge used, the amount and the shipment, then go to Add New Invoice, select that shipment and proceed. Then select the misc charge and enter the negative amount. Posting this invoice will negate the original invoice

When I try to apply a cost to a venture, I cannot see the venture in the scan. Where is it?

Using Venture Explorer, check the status of the venture to see if it is closed (meaning the goods have been sold to a customer). In Cost Entry there is a check box for “Include Closed Ventures” – if you check the box, the Venture will show up in the scan for selection

Which accounts do the miscellaneous charges post to?

A miscellaneous charge (added to invoices) will post to the specified account in the GL account listed under Tools, Accounting Administration, invoice Misc Charge Types. Miscellaneous charges are specified by you when the accounting integration is setup

What is a miscellaneous charge?

A miscellaneous charge is an additional charge (added to your customer’s invoice) for items/services pertaining to a sale. E.g. Additional manufacturing cost such as tooling, additional freight charge, etc.

What is a miscellaneous charge?
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