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Lot Level Inventory Tracking
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Lot Level Inventory Tracking

VISCO allows for inventory tracking at multiple levels, with the most sophisticated being lot level tracking.  The lot level tracking function is used most often by customers in food and chemical businesses where batch specific tracking is critical for traceability (learn more about our integration with Trace Register).

With lot level tracking in place, users able to see which customers have received material from the same lot as well as which supplier that lot was purchased from and even the manufacturer who produced the lot.  There is also an unlimited number of custom fields available under each lot so users can:

  • Track the expiration dates on each lot
  • Get Alerts on Expiring lots
  • Track the warehouse location of each lot
  • Store comments about each lot
  • Manage specifications and analysis on each lot
  • Warehouse Transfer history By Lot
  • Inventory Adjustment history by Lot
  • Sales and Allocation History

View of Inventory by lot:

inventory by lot

Drill down into a lot to see the Inventory Adjustment, Sales, and Warehouse Transfer history:


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