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Trace Register Integration

Trace Register Integration

We are excited to announce that we have worked with the Trace Register team to develop a fully integrated traceability solution.  VISCO users that are currently selling into or would like to sell into high end grocery store chains can benefit from this integration.

Trace Register offers digital traceability on food products ultimately allowing consumers to fully understand the origin of their food along with the supply chain used to get it there.  Many of the higher end Retailers are now requiring their distributors to provide them with Trace Register information to be able to sell to them.

The integration allows VISCO users to post invoices as they normally do, but in addition to posting invoice information to QuickBooks (or other accounting system), the history of each lot being sold is also being sent to Trace Register.   This satisfies the retailer’s requirements without adding any additional manual work to get them the Trace data.

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