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Through our work with Stone and Tile importers and distributors we have developed a custom version of the VISCO software designed specifically for this industry.

Unique needs of the Stone and Tile industry that are met with VISCO:

The ability to purchase and sell in slabs but price per square foot-Especially valuable when working with natural material as each slab/bundle may have unique measurements.  Users are able to purchase by slab, bundle, or full container load and price based on square foot or square meter.  When the packing list is received or uploaded (from Excel) the purchase dimensions are applied to the bundle to determine the cost per slab.  When selling a slab, the slab is price per square foot.  When the sale is allocated to the slab the sellable dimensions (which may be different then the purchased dimensions) are applied to calculate the sales cost per slab.

The ability to see true cost per slab and true profit per slab-VISCO’s unique landed cost calculation method allows users to distribute costs like freight, storage, duty, customs fees, drayage, demurrage, and others costs to a container and the costs will be automatically distributed to all slabs within that container.  Gross Margin reporting shows true profit on each slab.

The ability to Allocate slabs to a specific Fabricator or/Homeowner-You can keep inventory on hand but allocate slabs to a specific fabricator or homeowner so the slab is no longer available to sell to other customers.  The system can also automatically send email alerts if a slab has been sitting on hold for too long.

Inventory Inspections-From their smartphones, warehouse personnel can do inventory inspections and apply damage flags to specific bundles/slabs using the container inspection app.  They can also upload images using the camera on the phone to alert management about potential quality issues/supplier credit opportunities

Integrated with QuickBooks-Unlike other stone ERP software, VISCO allows you to continue to use QuickBooks accounting software to manage basic accounting functions while tightly integrating with the more industry specific ERP.

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