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Product Info

VISCO is a fully integrated ERP software for import & export businesses as well as wholesale distributors.  The system allows all departments to share the same information from one central location offering a logical next step up from stand alone QuickBooks and the series of Excel spreadsheets to manage the business.

Sales Benefits

The entire sales team will immediately recognize the benefits of this software.

The sales order process is incredibly simple, though it can be very detailed and accommodating to all the information needs of your company.

This system follows the entire sales process. It allows the user to enter a sales order, with all the details about an order that are necessary for any customer. Sales associates can also receive real-time information on shipment and inventory status to make the appropriate sales decisions while right on the phone with customers.

Financial Benefits

For the financial department of your company, the system has given extra attention to financial analysis.

VISCO Software for Importers is a financial projection tool as much as it is an inventory management tool. This is one of the only systems that will calculate your net profit on an order as soon as it is entered. The system comes standard with accrual based costing for product and duty costs for each shipment (Venture). Hence, these costs reflect the total landed cost for that shipment.

All sales associated with a shipment are also reflected on the Venture. This enables the financial manager to assess gross profit for each Venture at a glance.

Logistics Benefits

“What he did know was the exact quantities of specific chemicals the company was holding in the warehouse, plus the contents of the just-arrived container.”

read the article from Inbound Logistics

Document Flow

As Importers know, the tracking required to move their good from one end of the supply chain to another, can be terrifically extensive and complicated. But can your supply chain managers imagine the time this package affords them if they can identify a certain individual container at its exact location at any given moment?

This software tracks each and every product at its most basic level from when it leaves the vendor’s warehouse until it arrives at the specified location of the end customer. When a customer calls and asks when they can expect their imported good, the system is only limited in delivering a precise response by the timetable commitment of your shipping company.

The system also tracks every cost associated with the supply chain. Therefore, if your SCM or Logistics Manager needs instant information about costing or is interested in restructuring a part of their cost structure, the system can and will easily point out the areas where costs can be reduced.

Product Info
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