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Ten most useful VISCO Reports survey results

Ten most useful VISCO Reports survey results

Do you ever wonder if your company is using VISCO to it’s full potential? Based on some prompting from an active customer, we decided to poll the existing user base to find out what reports users find most valuable and useful and pass this information along.

Although there were a lot of answers for very specific and custom reports, they didn’t make the top ten list unless they were widely available in most installs. If you have questions about how to find these reports or you do not see them in your install, please let us know and we will help.

#1-Gross Margin Detail-Custom Report

This is a custom report available in the default install and displays sales, costs and profit by customer, vendor, product, product group, and sales rep. The cost calculation considers all costs so you can get true profit on each transaction.

#2-Inventory Valuation as of/Closing Report-custom report

This report allows the user to look back at inventory value for inventory in the warehouse and in transit as of a specific date. Inventory value is calculated as the sum of all “inventoriable” costs for each venture as of the date the user is running it for. This report is useful for closing down accounting periods after the fact and for manual reconciliation of the inventory in the accounting system

#3-Order History-Query Tool

This report allows the user to see sales by customer, product, product group or trader for a specified date range. By selecting “Purchase History” you can see purchase history by vendor, product, product group or trader for a specific date range. Helpful hint….when the results come up, you can click the ”Age by Year” button at the bottom to see a summary level view of sales/purchases by month historically broken out in a grid form. This helps the user to see seasonality or trends in purchasing and sales history.

#4-Inventory Management-Query Tool

This report shows inventory in the warehouse broken out by lot or by venture (depending on your configuration). You are also able to drill down into each lot/venture to see costing details and a history of sales, allocations, inventory adjustments and warehouse transfers on each.

#5-Sales by Product-Standard Report

Sales by product, customer, warehouse combinations over a specified period of time. Also offers several grouping options which are not available in order history.

#6-Cost Entry Details-Custom Report

This report offers a history of all cost entries. This is useful to see historical costs for a specific cost type (like freight), or in tracking down potential data entry mistakes made during cost entry.

#7-Product Position-Query Tool

This report offers a future forecast of inventory availability based on inventory on hand, in transit and on order with suppliers vs. sales looking out into the future. Some versions offer the user to see by week or month how much inventory will be available.

#8-In Transit Report-Standard Report

Valuation of all inventory in transit

#9-Estimated Profit Analysis Report-Custom Report

This report looks compares supplier quotes cost plus various other calculated costs (Duty, Freight, etc) vs. estimated sales price to calculate estimated profit

#10-Venture Explorer-Query Tool

This report is used to look at all open PO’s, shipments and inventory filtered in various ways. Helpful hint…..notice that you have an “Advanced Filter” check box in the top of the filters page for additional filter options.

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