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Wine DistributionWine and Beverage Importers and distributors are often overwhelmed with paperwork.  Unlike some other industries, importing and distributing wine and beverages requires all of the normal paperwork need for importing goods into the United States, but also additional paperwork for tax reporting.  VISCO offers the premier Enterprise Software solution designed specifically for Wine Importers and Distributors.

Sales reps in the field can use the mobile app to check stock levels on wine, look up customer and contact info and place orders from their smart phones.

VISCO offers reporting to show the gallons sold by state for tax purposes.  For Distributors and Importers distributing spirits, further calculations and reporting needs are handled to calculate taxes for each tax category (Wine, Beer, High Spirits, Low Spirits).  The system has reports, and other tools to help with compliance.

We understand the importance of tracking promotions and the impact that they have on the bottom line.  Promotion handling is also made easier using the VISCO solution because whether the promotions are cash back or “free cases”, the system will easily help report on how much the distributor should be receiving back from suppliers without the endless manual work to figure this out.

By segmenting your customers (for example: liquor stores, restaurants, distributors), you can establish pricing levels and also get reporting at each customer level so you can compare sales by customer type, gross margin by customer type, etc.

Although necessary, the internal costs associated with samples and tastings can cut into the bottom line so it must be closely monitored and analyzed to be sure you are providing sampling and tastings of the right products, to the right customers, and to the right market segments to maximize profits.  Using VISCO, you will be able to track samples and tastings, by product, product line, customer, market segment, sales rep, etc so you can see what is working and what is not.



Of course all of the VISCO functions to help track imports and inventory are also enjoyed by Wine Importers and Distributors as well.

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