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Import Tracking App
Import Tracking App

Import Tracking App

Stop Managing Your Imports in a spreadsheet!  Import Tracking App (ITA) is a simple, easy to use plug in app for importers using QuickBooks .  ITA can help your company Track Shipments, Calculate Landed Costs, as well as the generation and management of documentation for importing.

Track Shipments

When a supplier is ready to ship a Purchase Order, you can create new Containers/Airway Bills/Shipments to keep track of which PO’s or which items are shipping on that container.  Then, for each shipment you will track all the logistics information associated with that shipment like:

  • Container Number
  • Status
  • ETD
  • ETA
  • Point of Origin
  • Arrival Port
  • Final Destination
  • Bill of Lading #
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Customer PO #
  • Comments
  • And you can add your own custom fields as well


Also, using the GPS location (powered by, you can see the specific location on the map where the vessel is , the speed the vessel is traveling, the most recent port of call and real time estimated arrival.

Container Location Tracking
Real Time container location tracking based on GPS


The reporting tool allows you to find shipment information for all of your shipments filtering by ETD, ETA, arrival port, etc.


Calculate Landed Costs

Depending on your terms, your true cost for a product may include a lot more than just the cost you pay the supplier for the goods.  ITA will help by allowing you to track additional costs and help calculate what your real landed cost actually is.  Examples include:

  • Material Cost
  • Duty
  • Ocean Freight
  • Demurrage
  • Custom Broker Fees
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Finance Cost
  • Samples
  • Other Customs Fees


Manage Documents

Are you keeping all your documents in a yellow folder for every shipment that you bring in?  ITA lets you go paperless by managing all your shipping documents in a digital library and giving you tools to simply drag and drop into your digital library


Import Tracking App
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