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What you can expect from VISCO as your software vendor:

  • We will do what we say we will do
  • We will take the time to understand your business
  • We will be attentive to your needs
  • We will solve problems for you

Our History: Starting in 1980 as a custom software development company, we narrowed our focus in the 90’s to work exclusively with Import/Export businesses.  Using the industry expertise that we gathered in the 90’s we began designing and developing an Enterprise level application specifically for the industry.  In 2001, the company decided to re-engineer the system, add new features and take advantage of the latest technology; VISCO utilizes Microsoft’s .Net Framework®, the first entirely Cloud application architecture. With this collaboration VISCO was born; a combination of industry expertise and successful software design based on the globally accepted Microsoft foundation.

Our Concept: The quote below perfectly demonstrates what VISCO does: [one_half last=”no”]”Our approach to the development of the Venture Information System was from the sales, financial and logistic perspectives,” says Tim Peck, Vice President. “Rather than beginning with a system for record keeping and accounting; then trying to incorporate inventory tracking and financial analysis, we completely reversed the development process.”[/one_half]Provides the means for every department within a given company to operate at maximum efficiency. We offer sophisticated financial analysis tools, easy to understand product positioning for sales representatives and automated documentation and detailed goods tracking. The movement of goods is tracked through all steps of the importing and sales processes at the individual package level. Accrued or Actual costs and sales prices are accumulated at each step, allowing for progressively more accurate projections of landed cost and profitability. The system also allows for flexible product specifications and analysis, matching customer requirements to vendor specifications to assure accurate order fulfillment. Additionally, by design the system is available at the semi-customized industry specific level. This means that a customer will see a package that incorporates the terms and information relevant to their industry. Further customization is available to provide the terms and information specific to each company.

Our Goal: VISCO provides small to medium-size importers with an affordable solution that solves the common problems faced by the industry in a platform that allows everyone in the organization to share the same information. VISCO is not an everything-to-everyone package, nor is it intended to be an “add-on;” We are the third generation solution, enabling corporations involved in global trade to actively manage EVERY facet of their company with one complete system.

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