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Standard Features
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Standard Features

Standard features

Sales Orders & Purchase Orders Maintenance Product/Customer/Vendor
Sale and Purchase Order preparation and document

Purchase Orders

Sales Orders
Order Changing or Canceling
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Calculations

Product ManagementCustomer Management

Vendor Management

Image Capturing
Viewing Information
Adding and Editing Information

Logistics Management Sales Tools
Lot level tracking

Inventory Allocation

Container Tracking (At Source / In Transit / At Warehouse)

Container Management

Delivery Management

Inventory Management

Pre-Allocation of stock
Packing Lists
Warehouse Transfers/Inventory Adjustments
Order Shipping – Delivery Orders, MSDE and Associated Images
Document Preparation in MS Word®
Return Processing – Sales & Purchase Returns
Open Orders Lists
Cost Entry
Shipment Level Management
Sophisticated Reporting Tools
Certificate of Analysis

CRM ToolsOpportunity Management

Quoting customers


Sales Order/Purchase Order History Product Position (Status Reports) in MS Excel®Mobile Access

Financial Tools
Landed Cost Analysis


Cost Entry
Profit & Loss Reports
Inventory Valuation
Additional Financial Reporting

Customs Tracking System Management
Duty Calculation/Unit of Measure Conversions
Customs Broker Management/Automated Broker Interface
Image Capturing for Documents
Sophisticated Sorting and Filtering Capabilities
User Functions (Display Active Users, Edit/Change/Print Users)
Accounting Interfaces, Printer Settings, User Restrictions
Change Accrued Costs
Ability to Purge and Archive Data
Product Info
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