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Create Specification Headings
Create Specification Headings

Create Specification Headings

If you were to start from scratch, this is far and away the most labor intensive of the set up.  For every type of specification that could show up on a Certificate of Analysis, we need to establish how this specification is measured and reported.  Fortunately we have a default set of specification headings that will give you a head start and should include most if not all of the specification headings you would need.  Lets look at the screen shot below to see how each specification heading is set up:


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Specification Heading-This is the name that displays on the Certificate of Analysis

Typically Can Consolidate on Customer’s CofA-If set all lots have the same value then remove from the grid on the CofA document and just display the value for all lots in text on the bottom of the CofA

Specification Type-Is this specification displayed as a word, number or a yes/no on the CofA

Buyer Values Default Format-When a customer is requesting that a specification meet certain requirements, how do they make the request

Producer Values Default Format-When the supplier provides a Certificate of Analysis, how is this specification typically displayed

Trailer Text-Is there any text that should appear after the value?

Per Unit-Is this value per unit

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