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How It Works
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How It Works

The first step is to “request demo” by clicking on the red button on the right of the screen. After filling out the form, the sales team will send out the information and follow up with a phone call to learn more about your business and your specific problems.

At that point, we will provide you a custom presentation/demonstration via the web addressing only the points you would like us to hit.

If you would like to have others in the organization view a demonstration, you can schedule a second demonstration to include any employees you want involved.

If you decide that VISCO Software may be a valuable tool for the organization, you can request a quote which will be provided by a member of the sales team.

Once the quote is signed off on, we will provide you with a “pilot” version of the software installed on your server(s) so you can begin to get acquainted with the system. At the same time we request a file containing any data that you would like converted before the “go live” date.

One customer noted: “We evaluated several applications, but decided to go with VISCO because the system was the best fit out of box and we knew we could trust them.”

There are a series of meetings leading up to the “go live” date in which key executives discuss with our customization team the specific configuration that is desired to minimize difficulties during the adjustment period.

We will provide several days of training leading up to and following the “go live” date to help all users get comfortable working within the system.

We will be available to answer any questions and/or site visits at any time

How It Works
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