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Since the beginning of development back in the early 2000s, our technology decisions have been centered around one main cornerstone, our Microsoft SQL Server (SQL) database. With over 300 easy to read database tables and more than 1,000 stored procedures and functions written in SQL’s programming language (TSQL), we are heavily invested in the “direct to database” technique which means less time processing or loading with each page load or refresh.

As the backbone for all our development, SQL has given us incredible flexibility for Front-End languages in the various versions we’ve developed for the software over the years. With VISCO 5.0, which was first released in early 2020, we elected to build and maintain all application logic through TSQL, while servicing that logic by an ASP.Net MVC and JS Front-End layer for the desktop version of VISCO.

Our in-house development team is proficient in many additional coding languages, each of which can and has been utilized to further drive the system in its various permutations. We have developed our own Mobile App and API with the in-house development team as well. Please visit our white papers section for additional information about our technology decisions over the years.

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