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Cloud vs. On Premise

Cloud vs. On Premise

When deciding to use VISCO, companies have the option to use either the cloud based version of the software or the on premise version.  The actual functionality of the software is essentially the same in either case although there are some benefits of one vs. the other:


Cloud benefits:

1-Limited upfront costs-Since the software is essentially leased instead of purchased you do not have the upfront cost of purchasing a license fee but instead pay a monthly fee to use it

2-Simple to cancel-Since it is hard to know exactly how a new software will work out, you may want to start with the cloud option which provides the user the option to cancel the service at any time with no penalty (no contract)

3-Easier Transition-The install can be up in less than a day and does not require the users to purchase hardware or additional software to get up and running.

4-Less Maintenance-With the cloud option, the system will be more stable as it is managed by a professional hosting company with 24/7 management and a 99.999% uptime guarantee.  In addition, as technologies and requirements change, it is our job to continually upgrade the hardware as well as the software to keep it running smoothly.  In addition, VISCO will back up the data every night and maintain 7 days’ worth of back up on each install.

5-More integration options-Since we control the access, we are able to offer unlimited integration options with our mobile app, QuickBooks, as well as several other third party integrated software options.


On Premise Option:

1-Lower Total Cost of Ownership-Since most companies only change their ERP every 10 or more years the total cost of ownership is considerably lower if you purchase the licenses upfront instead of paying the monthly fee year after year.  The breakeven point is around the end of year two.

2-More Secure?-Although this one could be argued either way, the security of the on premise version is managed by the company themselves so if they are concerned with servers potentially being hacked, the network can be disconnected from the Internet entirely or hidden securely behind an internal firewall.

3-More Control-With the system hosted locally, the company can choose to stay on a current version instead of being upgraded into newer versions of the system as they become available.


For most companies that have an internal IT staff that is already managing servers and other internal software, it does make more financial sense to purchase the software outright.  Another option is to purchase the software licenses outright and then have VISCO or some other third party company manage the hosting (additional hosting costs would apply.)  The ease of install, implementation and low upfront costs makes the cloud option more attractive for a smaller company that does not have an in house IT staff or thinks that they may only be using the software for a year or two.  Of course you can always start on the cloud and move to the on premise version as the company grows or your comfort level with the system grows to the point that you know you will be using it for a longer period of time.

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