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Did you know? ‘Autogenerate PO’
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Did you know? ‘Autogenerate PO’

Did you know you could Auto-generating Purchases Orders while creating sales orders in VISCO? This means that you can save the entirety of the Purchase Order data entry process by clicking  ‘Autogenerate PO?’ in the Sales Order entry screen

auto generate po v5

There are multiple reasons why this is so awesome, not just the fact that it is a huge time saver.

  • Vendor/Product relationships- In Visco the user can set up relationships between specific vendors. That way if a vendor calls a product that you sell something different, the product can have it’s own vendor specific product name. It also allows you to set a vendor price. So, for example, if there are two vendors that you buy a certain product from, one sells it for 10 cents cheaper than another, you can designate the price difference in order to save on data entry and to allow the user to know which vendor is best to use when creating purchase orders in order to buy the product at the best price. When auto-generating purchase orders, the vendor relationship that exists for that product will be automatically chosen for Purchase Order creation and the price or name will also automatically fill in.
  • Pre-allocation- A user can designate items on purchase orders to items on sales orders so that those goods are reserved for that order/customer. Autogenerating purchase orders from sales orders, automatically creates the allocation between the two orders. That way when other sales folks go to allocate goods for other sales orders, they know those products are already being help for somebody else.
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