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Did you know? Making Customers, Vendors and Products In-Active
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Did you know? Making Customers, Vendors and Products In-Active

In VISCO users have the ability to make Customers, Vendors and/or Products inactive. There are several reasons why this might be useful to you and your team.

  • Saving historical data. Though a customer may be buying product from you currently, you have the ability to keep their data in the system as inactive. This will save all their product data and order history, but will make it so that no new orders can be made to the customer. The same goes for vendors, or products that you are no longer selling.
  • Quoting customers and receiving requests from vendors. If a customer or vendor is listed as inactive, you cannot create sales or purchase orders to them. You can, however, create quotes and enter requests to vendors. You can even quote or request information about products that are inactive. I.e. you might not sell them yet but would like to have the ability to quote and view history of other quotes that have gone to customers regarding the product. This is nice because sales folks won’t be able to put in sales orders for the product, but they can still see and update product details, while tracking correspondence regarding it.
  • Having customers that are marked as inactive, allows users to do proper follow up or to disregard the need for communication regarding certain products.

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