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Did You Know that You can Attach Email Strings in VISCO?


Did You Know that You can Attach Email Strings in VISCO?

One of the most rewarding moments that we have here is when a customer teaches us a new way to use and benefit from the system.  That was the case recently when Erin was working with a customer and noticed that he was attaching email strings from Outlook into the customer record (Documents and images) in VISCO.

To do this you will:

  • Select an e-mail in Outlook and click “save” for save it onto your computer-note you will need to save in .msg format
  • Then in VISCO you go into the entity that you want to attach it and click “add document” from the document and images tab

That’s it, then everyone can access the email string and reference it from VISCO!

I would also see this as being useful in attaching email strings to inquiries, orders, quotes, sales orders, purchase order and containers.

If you would like more information, please contact .

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