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Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility with Automatic Container Tracking

Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility with Automatic Container Tracking

The Age of Real-Time Visibility in Logistics

In today’s dynamic business environment, ensuring real-time visibility of assets, especially when it comes to container shipping, is paramount. The age-old practice of manually tracking shipments, making regular phone calls to verify container statuses, or relying on sporadic email updates has become increasingly untenable. Enter the world of Automatic Container Tracking.

Benefits of Using Visco Software’s Container Tracking Service

  1. Complete Coverage: Visco Software’s service offers end-to-end tracking, covering both sea and rail. From dispatch to delivery, businesses achieve full visibility.
  2. Easy Logistics Updates: Input a container number on VISCO and instantly access:
  3. Bill of Lading Number
  4. Inland routes and ports
  5. Booking Number
  6. Detailed Milestone Tracking: VISCO provides essential updates on:
  7. Event types and statuses
  8. Event locations
  9. Transport details
  10. Alerts on Potential Issues: Visco Software actively detects disruptions, sending Automatic Alerts to logistics teams and customers for real-time updates.
  11. Live Look Feature: Track containers visually in real-time, offering a direct view of their journey on a map.

Why Every Modern Business Should Consider Automated Tracking

In an age where information is power, companies that are equipped with real-time data are the ones that lead the pack. Automatic Container Tracking is not just a fancy feature; it’s a necessity. Traditional tracking methods are akin to driving with a blindfold; one can get by with intuition and experience for a while, but eventually, the risks outweigh the benefits.

Embracing Visco Software’s Container Tracking Service means equipping oneself with the right tools to navigate the complex waters of international logistics. With the assurance that technology is continuously watching, updating, and alerting, businesses can focus on what they do best – growing and delivering value.

The Future is Automated

As the logistics industry evolves, the need for accurate, real-time, and reliable container tracking will only intensify. Visco Software is at the forefront of this evolution, ensuring that businesses aren’t just tracking but are also equipped to manage their logistics with data-driven insights proactively. The future is not just about moving containers; it’s about moving them smartly.

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