What do the Container Back Order Options Mean?

Create back order for PO and Preallocated SO(s)-Use this if the vendor is short shipping but you stioll want the balance and the customer still wants the balance as well Create Back Order and Reduce qty on pre-allocated SO-you would use this if you still wanted the balance of the PO shipped but you were […]

Can you create your own reports?

Yes.  Although VISCO does not have its own report building tool, you can use Excel or other SQL Server compatible report writing software to access the data.  We also offer training on how to write your own reports using Excel.

Can we modify our own document templates?

No, unfortunately, all document templates are managed by the VISCO technical team.  Please email document template change requests to support@viscosoftware.wpengine.com

Are costs creatd automatically when containers are received?

The default setting is to not have these two events connected but instead allow the user to record the receiving of inventory and the entry of the supplier invoice separately.  However, many VISCO customers prefer to save the data entry work of entering the supplier bills so the option to have the bills generated automatically is […]

How do I find a history of inventory adjustments?

If you want to see inventory adjustment history on a single venture, you would go to Inventory>Packing List and click into the “Inventory Adjustments” tab To see history of all Inventory Adjustments you would go into Reports>Custom Reprots>Inventory Adjustment Log

Can the system Alert me when we are low on inventory

Yes.  At the product level you can set the “Re-Order Point” for that product.  This is the minimum amount of stock that you want to have on hand at all times.  If the inventory for that product drops below the re-order point then that product will appear on Re-Order Point Alert on the home page.  […]

How do I create the new sales rep in Visco?

Tools>Master Table Maintenance>System Tables>Buyer/Traders and select Edit.  When you add new you can choose if the Trader is a buyer, a seller or both.  To make a trader inactive, just set “Active” to No.  This will keep the history but not allow new orders to be created for that Trader.