Are costs creatd automatically when containers are received?

The default setting is to not have these two events connected but instead allow the user to record the receiving of inventory and the entry of the supplier invoice separately.  However, many VISCO customers prefer to save the data entry work of entering the supplier bills so the option to have the bills generated automatically is […]

How do I find a history of inventory adjustments?

If you want to see inventory adjustment history on a single venture, you would go to Inventory>Packing List and click into the “Inventory Adjustments” tab To see history of all Inventory Adjustments you would go into Reports>Custom Reprots>Inventory Adjustment Log

Can the system Alert me when we are low on inventory

Yes.  At the product level you can set the “Re-Order Point” for that product.  This is the minimum amount of stock that you want to have on hand at all times.  If the inventory for that product drops below the re-order point then that product will appear on Re-Order Point Alert on the home page.  […]

How can I see how much of a specific product I have in inventory?

Inventory Inventory Management Select product (scan and select the product from the list) Proceed A list of inventory is displayed, including the warehouse Select ‘Packing List’ on the far left to view the packing list Select ‘Analysis’ to view Summary, Accruals, Costs etc Back to exit

How do I add a warehouse?

From Home Page, select Logistics Select Warehouses (Logistics Elements, on left of screen) Select Add New Enter the code (this can be the warehouse name) Proceed Enter the remaining warehouse information such as address and contact person(s) Update (foot of screen)

I had made physical inventory adjustments on items because the warehouse receipt did not match the original packing list. Now I cannot allocate these items, what happened to the adjusted inventory?

This inventory is flagged as Quantity Review Pending (QRP). QRP is a safety process which requires all quantity changes to be approved before the inventory can be allocated. (You are able to see the ‘flag’ in inventory adjustments if you look up the products) To approve the changes: Inventory Menu Quantity Review Pending Select the […]

How do I do a Warehouse Transfer? I received some items into the wrong warehouse

To start a warehouse transfer: Inventory Menu Start Warehouse transfer Select your venture Select the item on the left (radio button) Select the ‘to’ warehouse at top Proceed Then select the quantity you want to transfer (partial or full) The click ‘transfer’ on the left Then done To end the transfer: Inventory Menu Receive a […]

I credited an invoice because I thought the customer had refused the product. I now know that the customer took the product and needs to pay. How do I reinstate the invoice so the customer can pay?

You can’t actually ‘reinstate’ the invoice since it’s been credited already. There are two ways to invoice the customer depending on how you did the credit. Assuming a ‘sales return’ was done to credit the initial invoice: You now add another shipment to the SO (to replace the ‘refused product’ that was returned) Then allocate […]