What do the Container Back Order Options Mean?

Create back order for PO and Preallocated SO(s)-Use this if the vendor is short shipping but you stioll want the balance and the customer still wants the balance as well Create Back Order and Reduce qty on pre-allocated SO-you would use this if you still wanted the balance of the PO shipped but you were […]

In the Create Container page, lower part (Ventures), in the “Add to Container” column, there are the words Create and Add to Container. What is the function of ‘Create’?

The words depend on the status of the PO Shipment (Venture): If the status is ‘PO Issued’ then theoretically adding that PO Shipment to the Container will MAKE it into a Venture (Create: Venture) Or If the PO Shipment (Venture) is already an ‘At Source’ venture (which is the only other option because Containers can […]

What is a ‘Container Delivery Order’?

This is a delivery order for the onward transportation of goods from port of arrival to the warehouse or customer. By default, it is a ‘warehouse release’ document. The default document can be customized to your needs, contact support@ventureinformationsystem.com for more information. To generate a container delivery order: Logistics Container maintenance Scan for the container number, select […]

What is a ‘Container Instruction Sheet’?

This is given to your Broker when your goods clear customs. When the document is generated, a second document is also generated called a ‘Distribution List’ The distribution list is used as follows: In the event you have a contact name, number and email address added in the Custom Broker record, the information would appear […]