Can we modify our own document templates?

No, unfortunately, all document templates are managed by the VISCO technical team.  Please email document template change requests to

How can I change the Unit Price on an issued PO?

Provided the PO has NOT been shipped: PO Menu (select the PO #) PO Change Select the Line Number you need to change Select the price and Payment Terms Tab Enter the correct price in the Price field This will update all the shipment prices for the line Update Type a comment to explain the […]

How do I add a new Vendor?

From Home Page, Sales and Purchases, Purchase Elements section Select Vendors A list of existing vendors is displayed Select GO Enter the vendor Id (it must be unique) Select Add vendor Id Enter the vendor information Select Update

How do I change the PO daily Exchange Rate?

The default exchange rates in your VIS are in the System Table called ‘Currency Codes’. At the start of the day, you should update the exchange rate so that all SO and POs have the current exchange rate. Tools (top left of home page) Master Tables maintenance System Tables Edit Currency codes Edit the currency […]