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Feedback from User Conference Attendees

Feedback from User Conference Attendees

Due to an unexpected torrential downpour just before we started, we had to move the conference from the Rockwell Room at the Affinia into the Grand Ballroom!  The attendees were introduced to VISCO 4.0 and all of the exciting new features it offers.  The addition of,, and to the software gives importers additional tools for their traffic management.  The conference introduced attendees to various custom reports used by VISCO customers such as: Price Level Report, Credit Summary Report, Invoice Summary Report, Scheduling Report, COGS Report, Rolling 12, Inventory Flow Report, MRP Report and the Replenishment Report.  VISCO is now available in “the Cloud” which facilitates access via smart phones and tablets.  Since many users travel abroad for business, this has made VISCO invaluable to them.  The Job Builder, Container Builder and additional email Alerts have added to VISCO’s capabilities for Inventory Tracking and Management.

Of course, the highlight at the end of the conference was the VISCO Game Show where big prizes were won by many attendees!

From Miguel at Digit Systems

The conference was very helpful and educational, very glad I came out.

Thanks for everything, it was well setup and a very good excuse to visit NYC for the weekend.

From Diane at Cosmopak

I am so glad I attended the one on one it was worth it!

I felt the hour was very productive.

From Mary at GES

Thank you – I did enjoy the conference.  The presentation was very informative and all of the VISCO staff were great.  Of course I knew they would be.

Once I get settled back in I will be able to present the new features offered with fellow GES VISCO users and get back to you.

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