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How Automated Container Tracking Save Importers Money

How Automated Container Tracking Save Importers Money

1-Save Logistics Team Time-If you currently utilize your logistics department to chase down Freight Forwards for updated shipping information or ask them manually log into the shipping lines website to see the status of containers then you probably have a sense that there is a better way.  In fact, I have seen companies where it is a persons entire job to manually update the shipping status of all of the containers to make sure that the rest of the team is up to date.

With Automated Container Tracking this job is not only no longer necessary, but in fact it also improved upon because the information is updated faster and is more accurate because you no longer have to deal with the challenges of “fat fingers” or simple data entry mistakes.  This opens up the logistics team’s time to be able to offer higher value services to the company.

2-Provide better service to customers-It’s important to set realistic expectations for customers, allowing them to plan properly for when their goods will arrive.  In addition to the internal team receiving container status updates, you can also choose to have your customers updated automatically as well.  This is particularly useful for situations where you are direct shipping full container loads to customers.

An example of how this is done is below



3-Make more informed purchasing decisions-When buyers are doing Inventory and Demand planning to make decisions about when and how much to buy, they will want the most accurate and updated information to make these decisions.  The Inventory Planning report and reorder alerts within VISCO are all automatically updated by the automated container tracking service so these buys can be sure that they are making the most informed decisions.

An example of this is below:

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