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How One Company Manages Appropriate Stock Levels by Warehouse
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How One Company Manages Appropriate Stock Levels by Warehouse

In Visco, users have the ability to track inventory across multiple warehouses. By default, VISCO allows the user to establish a re-order point at the product level which applies to total stock level. Some customers need to have different reorder points set at each warehouse because usage rates will vary from one warehouse to the next. A recent customer asked for this modification but also wanted a way to easily manage the reorder points in a grid, instead of having to go into every product and add them manually (as their reorder points change monthly based off of yearly sales.)

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To provide them with a solution, we created a ‘Mass Update Tool’ with filters for product and/or warehouse. Choosing a specific warehouse shows all of the products in the system. The user then can easily go through the list and add the reorder points.

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Updating these reorder points in the tool, updates custom fields we created at the product level in a tab called ‘Warehouse Reorder Points’. When the item in the chosen warehouse falls below the reorder point that has been set, we have an email alert that goes out to the person in charge of purchasing.

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Many customers come to us looking for a similar solution, but their needs might differ slightly in which case we might offer a different fix. One customer didn’t mind entering reorder points manually as they didn’t change often. However, they did want to customize our Manufacturer Resource Planning (MRP) Report to summarize current product availability but with a filter option for each warehouse. This way they could see items that are in stock, on purchase orders, in transit, on sales orders and allocated from stock- but by a specific warehouse in order to ensure there is enough product at that warehouse to meet current needs and anticipate future demand.


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