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Integration with TrueCommerce EDI

Integration with TrueCommerce EDI

True Commerce is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange system) used by many companies to send orders to their vendors. Some of the companies that True Commerce works with are Amazon, Walmart and Target which require use of this program to fulfill their orders.

These companies use True Commerce to send and validate purchase orders à True commerce easily integrates with VISCO so that the Purchase Orders sent by these companies can be automatically input into our system as Sales Orders without any Data Entry. This not only saves time, but also limits the number of mistakes made by human error.

For high volume customers, we have also been able to do customizations which allow for the thousands of orders being input daily, to be automatically matched to inventory that is in the system, creating deliveries and documentation, and invoices without manual entry.

The specific integration that VISCO uses to integrate purchase orders from these customers is called EDI 850.

For a full list of companies we integrate with, click here.

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