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Interface Redesign

Interface Redesign

Interface Redesign

VISCO 5.0 Interface redesign scheduled to release in Q2 2017


The VISCO Development Team is hard at work on the interface redesign project.


What are the improvements?

Several Design improvements will streamline to order entry, reduce overall clicks by 40-50%, improve load times on the pages and improve the usability of the application.  We have eliminated many of the sub menu’s and instead are moving more of the menu options into the edit screens themselves so the user no longer has to move through the steps of processing Sales and Purchases in a linear process.


Although we are keeping the database in SQL Server, we have elected to move the application layer into VB.NET and the front end into HTML5 and AgularJS.  These newer technologies will allow us to improve load times on the pages, save changes on a field by field basis, and stay consistent with our mobile platform


We held a contest for 3rd party designers to submit new interface designs.  After narrowing down the list we asked our users to vote on their favorite designs with the examples below being the winners and the ones that we went with:dashboard5.0 interface

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