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International Plastics Trading Software

International Plastics Trading Software

In the Plastics Trading business, the life blood is sales and purchasing.  Buying and Selling Plastic globally requires trader’s easy access to information that can impact their customers.   If you’re selling recycled or virgin product, delays in the supply chain can be detrimental to the relationship so it’s important that the company act fast.

  • Commissions for Traders-Being able to track true costs on every transaction are essential to making sure that commission is being calculated accurately.  If traders get paid based on a percentage of the gross profit of the transaction, you will need the ability to tie costs to specific transactions.
  • Share new Material Sources with the entire Sales Team-When new material sources are discovered, share this information with the entire sales team and track who is quoting out to new customers and potential customers.
  • Alert Traders if Product is shipping late-If suppliers are shipping later than originally promised, traders need to be alerted so they can update customers and the new shipping schedule.  VISCO offers tools to e-mail an Alert to traders before a shipment goes out.  This way they can follow up with the vendor to confirm the shipping schedule and let the customer know if the shipping schedule will be revised so there are no surprises on either end.
  • Easy access to Ocean and Inland Freight Rates for accurate Quoting-In addition to the cost of material, one of the greatest costs of any transaction is going to be Ocean Freight.  VISCO will keep a database of freight rates based on Port of Loading, Final Destination, Carrier and Container size so users can get an accurate sense of what costs are going to be before quoting the customer.
  • Access to Market information-With live news feeds from your home page you can get real time information from news articles that might impact market conditions.
  • Marketing Tools-When you find a new source for material, you can find potential customers based on Material Type, Color, Form, Source, and Grade.


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