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Kitting aka Job Builder in VISCO
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Kitting aka Job Builder in VISCO

Using Excel’s easy to use interface, we have created and successfully delivered a new tool allowing our customers to build one product from many (also known as Kitting or Light Manufacturing) within VISCO. The Workbook actually draws from available inventory ventures from a selected warehouse and allows for the creation of a new product from quantities of various other products that currently exist in VISCO inventory. Financially, it inserts a negative cost record to each Venture (a shipment in VISCO) whose quantity has been reduced and creates a MATERIAL accrual/cost for the Venture that was created from the build.

This is phase two of the three phase plan to deliver a complete Kitting solution to our customers. It can be delivered to any install in its current form and operate appropriately,  and being in Excel’s flexible format, can be (but has not yet been) modified to include additional variables and functionality such as add-on costs, vendor selection or anything else our customer’s dream up.

Stay tuned for further developments as they will be forthcoming in the near future!

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