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Paper-Free: Revolutionizing EDI

Paper-Free: Revolutionizing EDI

Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)

EDI is a game-changer in modern business communication. It replaces the traditional paper-based format with a standardized electronic framework, automating transactions and eliminating errors caused by manual processing. At VISCO, we’ve been on a daring expedition in the realm of EDI, and we’re excited to share our journey of innovation and transformation.

Embarking on a New Chapter in EDI Integration:

Traditionally, our EDI integrations for receiving and updating data based on Customer Purchase Orders (850s) or Supplier Advanced Shipping Notice (856) involved third-party translation solutions. We’ve collaborated successfully with several of these vendors, a path that has served us well. However, in response to a new customer’s request, we’ve set our sights on creating our own EDI translation tools and ushering in a new era.


Unveiling Our Homegrown EDI Translation Tools:

Leveraging an AWS backbone for inbound EDI file reception and a trusted business partner to assist in EDI translation and navigation, we’ve taken the bold step of developing our own set of EDI translation tools. This empowered us to offer EDI solutions without relying on third-party vendors, transforming the way we operate and the value we provide to our customers.


A Silent Shift in the Industry Landscape:

While we won’t explicitly name the industry giants we’re moving away from, our new code speaks volumes. Over time, some dominant players have held sway in the EDI landscape. With our internal capabilities, we’ve shifted the balance of power and are stepping up to the plate to offer seamless and efficient EDI solutions directly to our customers.



At VISCO, we thrive on innovation and adaptability. Our journey into the world of EDI has been a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers. As we continue to navigate new horizons in EDI, we look forward to transforming the industry, simplifying processes, and delivering excellence in all aspects of our business operations. 

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