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Shirley’s Blog – If it Works for Importers, Will VISCO Work as Distributor’s Software too?

Shirley’s Blog – If it Works for Importers, Will VISCO Work as Distributor’s Software too?

The answer is most definitely “YES”!  The features of VISCO that Importers need to track their shipments and maintain inventory are beneficial to Distributors as well.  In fact, this was taken into consideration in the original design of the software.

Distributors need to know exactly where a product is, the quantity they currently have in inventory and what the initial cost was so they can determine the selling cost.  This information can be immediately at their fingertips using web-based VISCO software.

Shipping details?  No problem!  VISCO can track items from multiple warehouse locations as well as using multiple shipping /trucking options.  Pricing can easily be adjusted as new charges may be incurred.  Purchase Orders and Sales Orders are created along with a Packing List giving the specific details of each shipment.

Invoicing?  Once shipped, an invoice can be generated and sent directly to your accounting system as it will be integrated with VISCO Software.

Lot Tracking?  This is what distributors may find most helpful.  If a customer calls and indicates that there was a problem with the material that was delivered to them, using VISCO, the distributor can easily trace back to the specific lot where that material came from.  By being able to do that, they can identify the problem and rectify it immediately for the customer.  Replacement or a credit!

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