What to Expect During Your Software Training


One of the final steps in any ERP implementation is going to be your training and is usually done the week before the expected go live date.  The training can be done online or onsite although at VISCO our customers request us to come onsite for the training approximately 80% of the time. Online Training-When […]

Limitations of using Microsoft Excel to manage inventory

In the start up phase many companies will use Microsoft Excel manage inventory as it is a simple to use software and most people are comfortable working in that environment.  While volumes of transactions remain low and information only needs to be managed and seen by one person this solution will work quite nicely.  However, […]

What Happens if your Software Guys gets Hit by a Bus?

Car accident

Since the Seventies and Eighties, importing companies have been disappointed with the options available to them for Enterprise software applications.  Because of the unique challenges that importing presents, very few “off the shelf” enterprise systems will satisfy their requirements.  As a result, many of these companies decided to do it themselves and turned to programming […]

ERP software for Seafood Import Companies


There are some unique challenges to importing and distributing seafood product that can make it challenging to find a solid ERP system that will meet 90% of their needs out of box.  Dealing with Catch weights, tracking product at the lot level, and visibility of inventory position from the packer, on the water, to cold […]