NetSuite vs. VISCO


This is a question that is asked of us often, to the point that I feel compelled to answer it in a blog post.  To start with, it is not really a “vs.” thing because you can (and many of our customers do) run VISCO and NetSuite together in an integrated environment. In this way, […]

Addressing the “Two Systems” Concern

Two Systems Concern

How a specialized logistics and distribution ERP integrates with existing Accounting software…successfully As co-founder and head of VISCO Operations, I’m often asked to justify a decision we made 19 years ago when we developed our highly focused logistics and distribution ERP without including basic accounting functions that we ourselves had written from scratch. I have […]

What Happens if your Software Guys gets Hit by a Bus?

Car accident

Since the Seventies and Eighties, importing companies have been disappointed with the options available to them for Enterprise software applications.  Because of the unique challenges that importing presents, very few “off the shelf” enterprise systems will satisfy their requirements.  As a result, many of these companies decided to do it themselves and turned to programming […]

Why SaaS for Importers?: Integration is no longer a Bad Word in Software

Working on Laptop

Some of the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) have come to light in the last several years as more and more small businesses are deciding to run their ERP system online. With the ability to login to their system from anywhere (and on any device), users of web-based SaaS applications find accessibility to […]

Custom-Fit Software can be Flexible and Affordable –from the Right Software Vendor


With overpriced “you can have it all” Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP’s), a five person small business can expect to pay $10,000 up front and $50,000 over the next two years making the system “work for them.” This relatively new model of software gives the buyer the comfort that they aren’t spending a ton of […]