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Top Four Reasons to Work with a small ERP Provider

Top Four Reasons to Work with a small ERP Provider

Attention-They Listen to your Problems

Benefit – Better overall success of implementation.  Even if upfront cost were equal (often it the smaller companies will charge less for the software), more rapid adoption of the system means less overall cost because a large percentage of the total cost to implement ERP software is related to internal costs and disruption to business.

ReasonSmaller software companies are more likely to keep support representative out of meetings and in front of/on the phone with customers.  Smaller companies have a much better understanding of what the value of the business is: it’s customers.

Their Willingness to customize

Benefit – more valuable and efficient system to work with because it is a better custom fit for the company using it.   Also, most users will experience a shorter learning curve resulting in less wasted time learning to work with a new system.

Reason – looking to improve the product based on user feedback

Complete Customizations in a Timely Manner

Benefit-One of the most important things to consider when customizing software is the time it will take to complete the work.  Often times companies will choose to customize software when business climate changes and you want to be sure your software is able to quickly adapt to changes in the business.

Reason-So much of the cost it takes to maintain a larger software business is overhead.  Multiple levels of management and endless internal meetings to discuss processes provide little benefit to the end users but make up much of cost they are required to pay for the software.

Working with Original Developers

Benefit By working directly with the group who originally developed your ERP you are able to work directly with people who know how to solve actual business problems instead of telling you how software works.  Do you really care how the software works, or do you care how it can work for you?

Reason – In addition to providing more rapid development when customizing the software, smaller companies will usually allow customers to work directly with the people who understand business requirements and have the technical knowledge to solve problems and offer suggestions on how to improve current processes.

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